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6th April 2011, 05:28 PM
Flash has always had watery eyes. I mainly thought it was because he was teething. For unknown reasons it would improve and then it would get really bad and then improve again.

But now he is a year old and the last 2 weeks they have developed a BAD smell to them. I wipe them nightly with a cotton ball and water and then dry them with a soft towel. He has always had a problem with staining but the horrible smell is something new.

At first I thought it was his ears but no they appear fine. It is defiantly coming from his eyes. I have heard this could be yeast and caused by an allergy. The last week I have started him on a Turkey dog food that is free from Corn, wheat, & soy. I know if it's a food allergy this could take a long time to sort out but it's at least a start.

If I can't get to the bottom of this soon I think a vet visit may be needed. Any ideas on what I should do or what would cause the horrible smell?


6th April 2011, 05:50 PM
My murphy has dry eye in one of his eyes but in his other eye it is the same as you are describing. It is a horrible smell and I do not know what the cause is, but his eye is perfectly normal except for the horrible smell and watery goo that comes out.

6th April 2011, 06:24 PM
Flash's eyes appear normal as well. They just water a lot. There is no discolored gunk just clear tears that comes out. Those clear tears eventually turn to red stains if I don't clean them daily. His eyes can stay dry for hours and even a day or two and then out of no where the watering hits. Never concerned me until the awful smell started. He had a bath 2 days ago and his face already smells despite me wiping his eyes nightly. Not sure why but the watering seems worse at night. Part of me is wondering if this is due to his CM because he is very sensitive to light and squints his eyes a lot?

6th April 2011, 08:55 PM
I think you should see the vet, Shannon - eyes are such sensitive things and can deteriorate really quickly if you don't get attention when it is needed. I'm sure it's probably nothing serious, but better safe than sorry in this instance I think :thmbsup:

Kate H
7th April 2011, 09:59 AM
Shannon wrote: Part of me is wondering if this is due to his CM because he is very sensitive to light and squints his eyes a lot?

My Oliver is very light sensitive but doesn't have abnormal eye discharge, so I don't think there's a connection. EXCEPT that Oliver's photophobia is due to his enlarged ventricles putting pressure on the back of the eyes. In his case it interferes with the mechanism that opens and closes the pupils, so that they don't close quickly enough, or completely, in strong light (sun or artificial). In Flash's case this may be causing other problems, such as his discharge, so definitely worth investigating - if your vet can't find the cause, perhaps take him to an opthalmologist?

On the topic of photophobia, do take care with Flash's eyes, because it can cause bad headaches (that's why he squints, because the light is hurting). Oliver's OK out walking because he has his nose to the ground and his eyelids provide their own protection, but when sitting in bright light (and walking in snow), he wears an eyeshade, and when we go on holiday in June to the seaside, with sun (we hope!) reflecting off sand and water, I'm going to get him a pair of doggles. He's had one really bad episode, when he was sitting in the shade but looking out onto bright sunlight, and I have never seen such a miserable dog, he obviously had the equivalent of a major migraine. Photophobia seems to be a more common symptom of CM than people (and vets) realise.

Kate, Oliver and Aled

7th April 2011, 12:40 PM
This is random but I have noticed that when Chamberlain is training his eyes tend to weep a lot more than if he is just hanging around the house. It seems to come and go, but I would montior it for a couple more days than contact a vet. Best wishes! Keep us updated!

7th April 2011, 01:00 PM
My Rebel has CM and also SM. He is receiving treatment with Frusemide, to which he is responding well, except for exactly the same discharge from the eyes. He is having his 3 monthly check at the vets next week, so I will mention the problem then. He is also photophobic.

Kate H
7th April 2011, 01:22 PM
I found Flo's mention of frusemide and eye discharge, inferring the possibility of a connection, interesting. The job of frusemide is to draw fluid out of the body, so perhaps it comes out of the eyes as well as at the other end?!

Oliver has no side effects from frusemide at all - sometimes wonder if it's making any difference or if he needs a bigger dose, but worry about his kidneys. He's only had the one really bad eye episode, but that may be because I now take a lot of precautions to prevent it, rather than that his dilated ventricles are being reduced by the frusemide. He certainly still has the problem with his pupils, because he had a quick check by an opthalmologist at the Cavalier Club show recently.

Kate, Oliver and Aled

7th April 2011, 01:28 PM
I found Flo's mention of frusemide and eye discharge, inferring the possibility of a connection, interesting. The job of frusemide is to draw fluid out of the body, so perhaps it comes out of the eyes as well as at the other end?!Kate, Oliver and Aled

I had exactly the same thought Kate. I will ask the vet.

7th April 2011, 03:25 PM
Same here -- interesting, Flo. Lucy, on frusemide for CHF, has far more eye wateriness than before and bet this is the cause.

Smell generally is just due to yeast growth in the dampness.

Margaret C
7th April 2011, 11:23 PM
Re: the smell.

It may be worth drying under the eye and carefully brushing a small amount of Thornit powder ( you can get it on eBay ) on the stained area and in any fold.

8th April 2011, 12:05 AM
Thanks everyone for the input. Good news is his eyes have not watered at all today :confused: He is sleeping next to me right now and they are completely dry!!! I noticed last night when I cleaned them they were not as bad as usual either. Going to keep a watch on it and keep him on the new food for a while. If they don't start watering again I'm going to assume it's a food allergy. He started his new food a little over a week ago. I don't know if an improvement would happen that quickly but I'm being hopeful. If they start up again we will be off to the vet.

I know Kate mentioned the Doggy Goggles. Has anyone used them before? I think they would be great for his light sensitivity but worry keeping them on may bother him with the CM.

Also Kate: His MRI at 6 months old showed he had enlarged ventricles. I'm pretty sure that has to be why he squints. He was diagnosed with CM not SM (yet). As has been squinting since about 7 months of age. At first it was not very noticeable but now it is pretty obvious in bright light. However Blitz has CM & SM but they said his ventricles were NOT enlarged. Blitz has NEVER squinted. The camera flash and sun light seem to have no affect on him. I was actually admiring how pretty his eyes were today outside in the sunlight.

Kate H
8th April 2011, 09:48 AM
The slowing down of watery eyes may be because the frusemide is working. As I understand it, when you start frusemide there is an increase in fluid draining from the body (from all 'orifices'!). Once the level is reduced, then the amount of weeing also reduces, because there is less fluid in the body to be drained off (which is why you have to blood test regularly to make sure the drop in fluid level isn't damaging the kidneys). So this may account for both the initial eye watering and for the fact that it now seems to be easing off.

Looking at the photos on the internet, doggles have a strap round the back of the head, but not low enough to touch the CM area, and a strap under the chin, so shouldn't cause a problem. In any case, CM is a rigid bone malformation, so isn't sensitive as a fluid-filled syrinx would be - don't think anything (except serious physical trauma) is going to make CM any worse, it's just there from birth, messing up the brain function! The opthalmologist suggested doggles, so worth trying. I think Pauline has used them with Dylan, so she may be able to report on actual use. But squinting = pain or at least discomfort (think of yourself getting a mild headache from not wearing sunglasses in strong sunlight and having to squint to protect your eyes), so you do need to take precautions, if only keeping Flash out of strong light as far as possible.

I think photophobia should definitely be considered as a possible symptom of CM/SM - Oliver has had his ever since I had him at a year old, but it was just the way he was - nobody (least of all me) ever picked up on it. And when his SM was diagnosed, his neurologist wasn't surprised at the photophobia, given his dilated ventricles - which is presumably why Flash has it but Blitz doesn't. The whole CM/SM thing is such a lottery!

Kate, Oliver and Aled

30th April 2011, 08:29 PM
Reptigirl, actualy I may have the same "Smelly" problem with my beloved Maffy. Furthermore I am feeding her with a grainfree food (Acana-chicken).

Would You tell me which food You switched to? do You still have this problem?

Many thanks.

1st May 2011, 05:01 PM
One of my Cavaliers also had a problem with eye staining, and the discharge would turn smelly. The opthalmologist said it's yeast and she had me use a pinch of Tylan (antibiotic) powder in her food for a while to clear it up. I also used Kleenface solution on a cotton ball a few times a day. Her eyes have stayed pretty clear, since.