View Full Version : At what age did your Cav get spayed/neutered?

10th April 2011, 10:31 PM
I know it is supposed to be around 6 months, but there is a great training course I want to enter Brooklyn into, which would mean that I would need to put off her being spayed until she was 7 1/2 to 8 months old.
Is that pushing it? I don't HAVE to do this course, I could put it off, but it would be nice to do.

I am off for a check up at the vet tomorrow, so I will ask her too, but I thought I would get a general vote here as well.

By the way...I think I am more scared about fixing Brooklyn than she will be!!! I cannot imagine her in pain :(

10th April 2011, 11:40 PM
Bentley's appointment for neutering is Tues, the 12th. He'll be almost 5 months old. I'm a little scared for him, too. Vet's office says it should not interfere with his (our) obedience classes on Monday evenings. He will have gone the night before and that gives him another week to recuperate. He's such a sweetie, I hope he's OK.

10th April 2011, 11:57 PM
Skippy got neutered at 7.5 months. Had 1 undescended testicle too so it was an invasive procedure, but he came out of it fine.

11th April 2011, 12:19 AM
Polly got spayed when she was 6 1/2 months. I was a nervous wreck! I worked next door to the vet clinic so I kept popping in there for updates lol. She did wonderful though and was happy with her tail wagging when I went to pick her up that same evening. Sometimes they prefer to keep them overnight but since the vet knew me and Polly's docile personality he let me take her home with the promise of keeping her contained. She spend the rest of the evening snuggled in my lap. She never showed any signs of being in pain and healed very fast. They did laser surgery on her which is known for faster healing time, no visible stitches and she healed with no scar.

11th April 2011, 12:46 AM
Max was neutered at six months. I did a bit more research with Rylie and both his breeder and my trainer (we train in agility) suggested I wait until his growth plates had closed at closer to a year before neutering. Max is the one who marks (didn't start until he was 10 months old) and humps so I don't think early neutering necessarily has much to do with either behaviour. Personally I wouldn't neuter at six months again.

11th April 2011, 03:21 AM
Flash was not neutered until 11 months. I WISH it had been done it sooner but then again I don't know if it would have changed much. He still doesn't usually lift his leg but he a very dominate. He thinks he is king of the castle here. Not sure if early neutering would have helped. His vet was concerned about his CM and anesthesia so we had to go to specialist (VERY pricey). His neuter was pretty extensive because the specialist wanted to remove all the extra skin. They kept him overnight and he had a huge incision and 10 staples. He was supposed to be on complete kennel rest for 14 days but after about 4-5 days he was bouncing off the walls. Everything ended up healing just fine.

Blitz was not neutered until he was 4 when I got him. He just had the traditional neuter done and was up and running the next day with no kennel rest required. I don't think it slowed him down any except for the very first day. He also came home the same day.

11th April 2011, 04:54 AM
Piper was 6.5 months old. He was already humping things but has never lifted his leg. It's been 3 weeks since and he still acts the same as always.

LoneStar Hoopy
11th April 2011, 05:26 AM
My girl was spayed at 1.5 years as I played back & forth with breeding her. I wish I hadn't waited that long though. She came through the surgery very well apart from playing on the "feel sorry for me", which we did, lol

Our boy was already neutered when we adopted him!

Our baby girl is 6 months & hasn't been spayed yet.

Love my Cavaliers
11th April 2011, 06:15 AM
Riley had her first heat at 10 months old and we didn't get her from the breeder until she was 11 months old and we waited for several months after that to spay her. My guess is she was around 14 months old. Madison was about 10 months old when she was spayed. Both girls came through surgery easily.

11th April 2011, 07:36 AM
Henry was neutered at 8 months. I couldn't believe how quickly he recovered - he was literally back to himself the following day. He still doesn't cock his leg, though, and he's 11 months now.

Brian M
11th April 2011, 09:15 AM

Apart from Lily ,Pops,Daisy and Rosie who all came to me aged 9/10 weeks were all spayed midway between the end of their first season and the start of their second which would make them all approximately 11 months of age when done .Which are far as I know is the optimum time . :)

Jasper and Holly
11th April 2011, 09:26 AM
Jasper and Holly were done at the same time. He was 6 months and Holly was 5 months. We did them at that age because we had to try and keep Jasper off Holly. He was a little frisky. LOL Here's a photo.

11th April 2011, 12:20 PM
This is all really good info, thanks all!
I really want to spay Brooklyn before her first heat, but I also want to complete this training that we are doing...so I guess my question is, at what age do they go into heat? I read on the internet at around 6 months. But that is my problem, if I wait for Brooklyn to finish this course, she will be 6 months and 3 weeks old. Is that risking her going into heat?
I would love to wait til this class is over I think, but if it is too risky, I can get her in next week to get it done and forget the rest of the class (she is 6 months exactly then if I did it next week).
And yes, I will speak to the vet during my appointment this week :) But it is really helpful to get a general Cav perspective too and all of my brainstorming done before I go!

Thanks everyone, you are helping me to brainstorm a lot!!

11th April 2011, 12:21 PM
And Deb...that photo is too cute ;)

11th April 2011, 02:03 PM
I got mimi spayed at 6 months, my vet said she didnt need to have had a season but around 6 months is normal there, she went in with the nurse easy enough and when i went to pick her up later that evening she was excited to see me with her toy and blanket in tow and her recovery time was really quick and easy, the only problem we did have his her jumping up onto the bed for a cuddle so she had a bit of swelling but as long as i was there to get her up and down she was great. I was glad i got her done early as she is so excitable and always wants to go out that we didnt have to keep her halled up indoors during her season.

11th April 2011, 02:38 PM
Mine got spayed at 3 and a half years. I was all about " leaving intact" till i heard about pyometra. Yikes.

11th April 2011, 03:07 PM
Based partly on what I've seen on this thread about waiting until at least 6 mo of age, I called & canceled Bentley's neutering appointment. We have a lot going on the next few weeks anyway and live several miles from the vet so, all things considered, we'll reschedule in about a month.

11th April 2011, 05:35 PM
We got Grace spayed at 5 months and she recovered just fine. Now you have to be looking for the scar to see it.

11th April 2011, 08:02 PM
Coco is 8 months old, not spayed yet. Her heat started at 7 months old. I plan on spaying her around 12 - 18 months old. My Rottweiler was neutered at 11 months old, never lifted his leg either.

I like waiting till dogs are a bit older to give their bodys a chance to finish, or do as much growing as possible before removing their hormones. Dogs neutered very young tend to grow up lankier, as far as what I have heard/read. Also for males keeping in tact until growth is finished is good to help prevent bone cancer.

11th April 2011, 08:36 PM
I don't believe in castrating the males unless there is a medical reason for doing it. Consequently none of mine have ever been done nor had any ill effects from remaining entire.

I like my non breeding bitches to mature before thinking about spaying. My vet agrees with this too. Holly had to be spayed because I could take no risks with her because of her health status and with 3 entire boys in the house ..................... She was spayed somewhere around her first birthday, which was 3 months after her first season. She was fine and recovered nicely in a very few days.

In the past I never believed in spaying bitches. Then one by one they got pyos and it was more a case of luck than judgement that they were spayed in time.

11th April 2011, 08:53 PM
Daisy was three.
I was told earlier of someone who lost a bitch to pyometra today.It's nasty and an emergency spay is traumatic for both bitch and owner.
I'd prefer to allow a bitch to have her first season if she can be kept secure and safe during it.
Much better to spay a non breeding bitch and not have to worry about Pyometra.

11th April 2011, 09:43 PM
Maddie was spayed 3 months after her first season, making her about 11 months old at the time. Pippin was castrated at 18 months old, and only because we were planning on getting another puppy, preferably a girl and I knew I would want her to have one season. As it happened that puppy didn't happen. :(

My personal preference is to let them mature, go through puberty and have their growth plates closed, before I start messing with their hormones by neutering.

In answer to your question about when they typically come into season for the first time, it does vary, but I think it averages out to about 8 months old. This would mean you could do the course you want and may still have time to have Brooklyn neutered before her first season. Or you could do the course and let her have one season then have her neutered 3 months after?

LoneStar Hoopy
14th April 2011, 04:47 AM
Mine got spayed at 3 and a half years. I was all about " leaving intact" till i heard about pyometra. Yikes.

Thats what really changed our mind when I started working in the vet clinic & saw "pyometra" patients first hand!