View Full Version : Found - Blenheim Female in Athlone

16th April 2011, 10:04 PM
thursday at roundabout outside Ganlys Athlone.
Female King charles slightly deaf, recently groomed and missing someone alot!!
she is safe with us here at the moment but someone must be missing her too???? 086 8356898


She is so sweet looking, must be someones pet.

17th April 2011, 01:20 PM
Thanks for posting! Hope they check local groomers, as someone recently shaved her and there cannot be many groomers in the immediate area in which she was found? (though -- totally off topic -- that is such an awful look for the breed; I know it is 'easy' but have to admit I have always wondered why people get cavaliers then remove their coats rather than opting for an easier-care breed or cross. :( Just seems a total travesty of their most beautiful feature. Doesn't help that most groomers seem to automatically sheer them in this country so many owners wouldn't even know there are other easy-care options or that shaving like often ruins the coat permanently as well :sl*p: Can't owners who opt for longhaired breeds, just give a small amount of time to brushing and grooming instead?).

Have never heard of this rescue so not sure how familiar they are with requirement that they contact pound and guards etc; assume they have done so. :).