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Kate H
18th April 2011, 09:21 PM
Since I attended the 'Cavalier evening' at the (human) Syringomyelia conference at Rugby in 2007, I have received the newsletter of the Syringomyelia Chiari Society. In the latest issue, received today, there is a page written by Clare Rusbridge's mother Penny Knowler, giving the latest news on the genome project. And we get a mention:

'Cavalier Talk Forum has raised over 11,130 in just under a year with a huge variety of fundraising initiatives and donations called Rupert's Fund, named after a cavalier that suffered from CMSM. This money is being used to MRI scan dogs over 5 years of age who are free of SM to provide control DNA for the genome research and also help understanding of the progression of SM.'

The Ann Conroy Trust, which is part of the SMC Society, gave 6000 to the genome project last year.

Kate, Oliver and Aled

19th April 2011, 04:59 PM
Grrrreat news, Kate - thank you so much for sharing it b*n*n*

19th April 2011, 09:22 PM
That is really great news. That's some good publicity for us and for SM Awareness. The more we can publicize what is happening to our beloved cavaliers, the better. Thanks so much Kate!