View Full Version : Found - Wirral Blenheim female 5/6 Months- ITs 11/2 mile from home

Brian M
24th April 2011, 08:04 PM

Trust it be a bxxxxxx bank holiday ,I will feed the cats and then
go there and see if its open and what I can do .

Wish Me Luck

Found blenheim bitch, Woodchurch,The Meadow, Wirrall. Approx 6-9 months old


Brian M
25th April 2011, 11:55 AM

Called there but the place was locked up though through the gates an employee was there .I shouted to him and guess what three Cavaliers came running down to me ,he then confirmed the council kennels did not open till tomorrow and upon asking him the little found Cavalier was still there and not claimed and for me to phone at 9.00AM tomorrow .I asked him who the three Cavaliers belonged to and he answered they were his and was a breeder :(.

My mind starts thinking that if she is not claimed and if I can get her out I wonder if Flo's friend was still after a Cavalier .Are you there Flo :)

Brian M
26th April 2011, 09:34 AM

Phoned and she is still there .Its half a mile from work so at 11.00 Am I can see her so will take the work camera and get some pics also will fill out an adaption form to try and be first to apply for her .But of course I cant keep her ,so any thoughts if it happened and I could get her as if shes 5/6 months and female I dread to think what may happen .:shock:

Brian M
26th April 2011, 12:07 PM

Been down there ,its more like the doggy version of Alcatraz its horrible .Saw her a beautiful tiny Cavalier stretching up to get her nose rubbed .Just in front of me were a middle aged couple who also were applying to adopt her ,so I approached them asked a few questions and they said they already have a Cavalier and fully understand the cost of owning them .So after a quick think I told them I was also going to apply for adoption but I will be first reserve to them ,I gave them a Cavmatters card put my full name and MOB number on the back and asked them to phone me if they are successful or if they lose interest but to ring me anyway .I picked up a form and will complete it and go back at 2.00 pm with it but up to 11.10 Am nobody had phoned to reclaim her .She is a little beauty but can not come out of that hell hole till at least next Thurs but I may enquire if I can at least foster her till then to get her out of there ,wish me luck .


26th April 2011, 12:11 PM
It's lovely of you to try Brian and I really appreciate what you are doing, but if you adopt her and then pass her on you are actually breaking the adoption agreement :(

That couple sound lovely and hopefully they will actually adopt her - I hope that the pounds these days do realise the risk of dogs ending up in puppy farms - especially young, entire females :yikes

I would be very surprised if she is not claimed though - have you checked on Doglost?

Brian M
26th April 2011, 12:40 PM
Hi Nicki

And thanks and I hope you are feeling better .I have checked all the dog lost list and nothing I also work in conjunction with Lauret from CC and we try and help each other and she always emails me of any she spots anywhere .I also have the couples number so if the pound phone me I will phone them .:)

26th April 2011, 02:07 PM
It is much better to work with an established rescue rather than pull dogs from the pound if you are not intending to give her a lifelong home yourself.

Perhaps email Maggie's Barn or another responsible rescue about this one and have them deal directly with the pound. If she comes out and has health issues -- needed patella surgery, possible SM, etc -- who is going to take responsibility? Who will spay/chip and offer lifetime support if she needs to be returned? Who is homechecking and creating a homing contract?

I realise intentions are good but this same issue has come up several times now on the board and I will not allow threads that discuss people taking dogs out under their name to give to someone else :(. Also this is a public board and criticising pounds -- which after all have at least kept this dog from being flattened or attacked or abused -- is not acceptable at all -- she is simply in a kennel and it may be that her family are on holiday and she escaped from someone's care and they will be looking for her. She also could have been stolen and dumped.

I would really REALLY beg those of you in the UK NOT to do ad hoc rescue that can actually damage formal rescue relations with pounds and requires people to lie about their intentions with a dog, and instead find a rescue to work with that you can have step in to give appropriate and responsible help for any pound cavaliers or those people come across in other situations.

Maybe some of you emailing and PMing each other privately on these dogs -- please could you select one person to contact a few rescues or even just one, to make sure something more appropriate is put into place to help such dogs now and into the future? This random approach is not a very good way to approach helping pound dogs as it lacks the responsible structures a good rescue will have in place.

Closing this thread as this is an inappropriate public discussion.