View Full Version : Headlines in dog world ,vets to compile health data base.

28th April 2011, 10:58 AM
These are the Headlines in this Week's DOG WORLD 28-4-11.

Vets are being recruted Nationwide to Provide Information on Health Problems Suffered by Dogs.

The DATA provided will increase the Knowledge on the Breeds Affected and if Breeding Programs can be used to Limit Genetic Components of Cause , whether Health Screening can be carried out to Identify Affected Individuals .

It is Primary Practice Vets ,rather than Universities or Referral Hospitals who hold the the Key to answering these Wider National Questions ,since they are the ones entrusted with the Care of the Overwhelming Majority of our Pets on a Day-To- Day Basis

The Spokesman said that it is hoped within 12-18 months there will information to Permit Valid Research to begin.

To date ,the True Potential of Clinical Information stored in Individual Computerised Practice Management Systems to Influence Disease Control at a National Level has remained largely Untapped

This Project will ,it was further said ,will Combine this Information into a Comprehensive Nation Resourse to be Employed by Ethically Approved Research Teams to Improve the Health and Welfare of all our Pets

Analysis Exercise on our List of Projects of these Data will Reveal Vital Information on the Types and Levels of Diseases which affect our Pets .

The BVA President , Harvey Locke ,said this week,that this is an Exciting and Innovative Collaborative Disease Project.

Professor Sheila Crispin , Chair-person of the Advisory Council also mentioned ,that this was One of a Number of Initiatives the Council is looking at.

The Advisory Council is in some Measure Involved in it as Part of the Prospective and Restropective Data Gathering and Analysis Exercise on our List of Projects.

This Article should now at last give hope for the Future of our Cavalier Breed with the Information coming from the Veterinary Profession.