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30th April 2011, 12:47 PM
Anniemac and Ella inspired me to remember to do something every day with each of my loved ones so that we are truly in the moment together. So, with the warmer weather here, just before sunset I take my wee Gracie out on our front porch stoop with me and she sits beside me or in my lap and we just take in the beauty of that time of day. It is a serene time and I can just watch her beautiful face. However...if a cat comes along... uh oh! Have the leash on just in case!

Gracie enjoys the birds making their last frantic preparations before nightfall... chirping away. We can start to hear frogs and crickets sometimes. Pretty soon the fireflies will be out....maybe in two weeks. We see other people taking their doggies out on last walks of the day or getting in a jog after dinner. :dogwlk:

Just sharing this because it has become such a lovely tradition. I look forward to this every day. Even when it is rainy, I can put a chair out on the porch under the roofed area and sit a bit further back. Gracie loves the rain.... as long as she is not in it!!!!:p

You may have something like this you do with your Cavvies. Would love to hear what you do. If not, I highly encourage it. Peaceful ending to every day.

30th April 2011, 04:15 PM
Your routine is so sweet, we have something a little bit similar, i work monday to thursday evenings and i dont get home until just after 10 pm so mimi has been at home with my dad so when i get in we go and sit in the garden if its not raining or on the stairs if it is and just have some 'ruffle time' before having a snack. This is after she has done her butt wiggle when she realises i am back.

Sydneys Mom
30th April 2011, 04:49 PM
When Sydney was a puppy, I would give Sydney a treat at bedtime to help with his crate training. Now, 11 years later, he no longer sleeps in a crate, but still gets a treat. Then I get on his bed with him and we snuggle. I tell him how much I love him and he gives me sloppy wet kisses! :luv:

30th April 2011, 05:05 PM
Bentley still loves to sit on my lap when I use the hair dryer & curling iron. He will sometimes decide not to take other opportunities but the dressing room/hair dryer routine is a must for him! As soon as he hears the stuff coming out of the drawer he comes in, sits on his cute little behind, looking expectantly happy. He can't jump up to my lap but lets me pick him up and he turns his face and gazes at me as if I'm the loveliest woman on earth. I'm 69 so that's definitely in the eye of the beholder! Eventually he snuggles down with his nose under my arm and goes to sleep as I sing lullabies to him. It takes me waaayy longer to do my hair than it should, but it's worth it!

30th April 2011, 06:03 PM
Gracie is still not real sure about the hair dryer! She stopped barking at it but is not getting close to it yet. Thinks I may aim it at her again... she does NOT like being dried with it.

These are all wonderful ideas..... keep them coming!

30th April 2011, 06:53 PM

I always try to enjoy every single moment with my girl. She loves taking long car rides, going to the park and sitting on a blanket just looking around.. Every night
we snuggle on the couch together and watch a movie before bed. She then usually wants to play with her stuffed animal, which is currently "Fluffy" the sheep.
She has killed Mr. Elephant and Mr. Reindeer too, who are know sitting armless and earless and eyeless on the shelve coz I can't bear to throw them away.
So then I play tug o was while watching the movie. I love rubbing her belly and kissing her belly and kissing her neck. She loves that. Then I ask "Can I have a kiss please?" and then she gives me kisses when I ask. Oh and I wanted to add: the cavalier hugs are real dear to me too! One paw on each shoulder and the little earnibbles.. I know you all know what I mean...

30th April 2011, 07:05 PM
I would always sing "good night ella, good night ella, good night ella, its time to go to sleep."

Enjoy every moment you can. Her eyes would always start to close and the other night at the icu she laid her head on my leg and closed her eyes.

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30th April 2011, 11:28 PM
Since I been at home I appreciate not rushing around in the morning and I think my three appreciated as well. When I wake up Ebony takes her time she just doesnít like getting up. We have to have a big cuddle and a belly rub that lasts for at least 5 minutes. We are lucky our garden backs onto fields, so in spring/summer I just open the French doors and watch the birds in the garden, at the moment we got pheasants running about in the field. Itís just so peaceful. After having a cup of tea and giving them their breakfast Harley always comes for a sloppy kiss like to say thank you for breakfast. Then he cuddles himself into my lap like a baby and falls back to sleep.

Sydneys Mom
1st May 2011, 02:37 AM
Blondiemonster, I'm just like you, I can't bear to throw any of Sydney's old toys away. I have them packed away. They're filled with too many happy memories.

1st May 2011, 03:23 AM
Love this thread! Ever since Holly was a baby, she participated in the bedtime routine with my two human girls. First, she would wait her turn to have her teeth brushed -- we still have Holly's toothbrush and paste in the kids' bathroom where she has her teeth brushed each night. She waits patiently for me to brush the two human sets of teeth, then "smiles" for her turn.

Next, she lays in the big bed with my oldest daughter while I we read a book. Finally, she lays with my youngest daughter until she (my daughter) drifts off to sleep. To this day, my daughter can't go to sleep unless she's stroking Holly's ear. That was the hardest part after Holly's surgery. It was a joyous night when she could join us again on the big girls' beds!

2nd May 2011, 03:07 AM
I hadn't realized it, but we do have a couple of routines. I take Rose out for the final time of the night, lock the doors, and she follows me to our daughter's room, where she wants up on the bed to give her final kisses/nuzzles, then she gets in the bed with my husband and waits for me to brush my teeth and to come to bed. Then she bumps me with her nose to get under the covers and snuggle :) .

And she waits for me next to the shower every day. I started this so I could know what she was up to while I was in the shower :rolleyes:, and then I forgot to call her one day, and I had to get out to answer the scratching on the door! lol She also comes running for the hairdryer for her "turn", wherever she is in the house. She LOVES to get a hairdryer warm up :) . I think she may be cold natured like her mama ;) .

2nd May 2011, 12:50 PM
She also comes running for the hairdryer for her "turn", wherever she is in the house. She LOVES to get a hairdryer warm up :) . I think she may be cold natured like her mama ;) .

Shoot!!! I must be the only one whose Cavvie does NOT like a hairdryer! Can't get it close enough to her to feel the warmth. Maybe I need a less noisy model!

2nd May 2011, 05:53 PM
Every morning, after breakfast/potty time, Ruby follows me into the bathroom. She has always layed on the bathmat while I took a shower. When I get out, she perks up and starts wagging like I just got home. :) --Then, after I'm ready to go back into the bedroom, she leads the way. I get out my hairdryer (here it is again Debra!) ;) and she lays next to my feet and waits for her turn! --I should mention that Otis is laying on my other side and he has also loved the hairdryer action for about 9 yeas now!--
Usually, she's been lulled to sleep by the hairdryer by the time I'm all done. So until it's time to go, she and Otis sleep there side by side. :)

I loved reading all these! I hope more people keep it going! I'm going to try and start a new one for nighttime, it's such a lovely idea.


2nd May 2011, 06:29 PM
Chamberlain snuggles in the crook of my legs every night and every morning he lays across my neck and "snuffs" info my face when the alarm clock goes off. I am going to give him an extra sqeeze tonight.

2nd May 2011, 11:43 PM
Debra, I want you to feel better......my Claire doesn't like the hairdryer, she never has. She won't come close for 'anything'.

Claire and I have a couple routines......one is in the morning (she sleeps with me). I always go and get my coffee and toast, and we sit in the bed while I drink my coffee and wake up to the news, while she gets little treats of crust from my toast or granola bar (don't worry, no raisins). She then falls back asleep laying between my legs.

The other is our nighttime routine......she follows me into the bath as I get ready for bed.....and then she grabs her bone and crawls in bed with me and has a few chews on her bone while I read a bit.

Mornings can be interesting. Claire loves sleeping under the covers, but makes her way up in the morning and lays across my neck (thank goodness she is small). I always greet her with 'Good morning Red!', and get a great kiss. I usually feed her early, and we go back to bed all snuggled up for another 1/2-1 hour.

She generally is right beside me in the chair while I'm on my laptop (which is in the shop at the moment).....but she doesn't like the computer chair at my desktop. Darn.

7th May 2011, 05:26 AM
Shoot!!! I must be the only one whose Cavvie does NOT like a hairdryer! Can't get it close enough to her to feel the warmth. Maybe I need a less noisy model!

BOL! I love this it brings memories. When she was younger we would wake up & she was not a morning person (dog) either, I would stretch her arms, then legs. She loved it.

Also sorry debra, she loved the hairdryer. I take baths every morning and her little paws would soon be perched on the tub looking in.

Lynn, LOVE cavalier hugs! Ella then started taking up the whole bed.

Debra what a great thing to do with gracie! To be in the present and take just that time to enjoy not only her but the surroundings.

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7th May 2011, 06:09 AM
After losing Sonny last year it reminded me to cherish every single day with your cavalier . When we got Kaley, as I wake early in the mornings, we would go out for a walk in the field at the bottom of the road while everyone else was sleeping, just some time for us to spend on our own together watching the sun come up. It's become a ritual now!!

In the winter when it was dark it was not so easy so I would just come downstairs and we'd snuggle on the sofa together. Luckily the light mornings are back so we are back enjoying our early morning walks then home for a cuddle on the sofa. Should I sleep beyond 6am ( very rare!) Kaley wakes me up by pawing and licking me!!

The last year has taught me to never take things for granted and doing something with your cavalier no matter how trivial is something to be cherished.

7th May 2011, 06:12 AM
I have been accused by my wife that I love my Tess more than my wife Beverley....I have never denied it lmao. Whenever things get heated in the house ( and with 4 children this is almost daily ), Tess jumps up on my lap as if to say " Come on Dad, stroke me, it'll de-stress you ). I never have to call her up by me, it's just something that's understood between us.

7th May 2011, 12:19 PM
I take baths every morning and her little paws would soon be perched on the tub looking in.

Now Gracie does this for sure....and if I take a shower she sits outside the glass door like a sentry at her post. But I am sure she fears that I might just drag her in with me sometime! :-D

Love you Annie....I feel better seeing your posts here. Feels more like it should to visit here.