View Full Version : Tess's housemate Buzzie

7th May 2011, 05:49 AM
We also have a cat called Buzzie.


7th May 2011, 10:48 AM
Buzzie is just lovely, what a beautiful cat. :luv::luv:

So hard to get such a good photo of a cat too! They are not great at posing LOL

Many Cavaliers live happily with cats, enjoy their companionship, even cuddle up and play together.

8th May 2011, 03:58 PM
Buzzie is gorgeous :)

team bella
8th May 2011, 04:46 PM
Buzzie is beautiful. Cavaliers live so well with cats.

Jasper and Holly
8th May 2011, 11:09 PM
Lovely cat. We have two one gets on great with my two theb other just tolerates them. She old and a grumpy bum and always has been. But I love her just t,he same.