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10th May 2011, 02:13 PM
I hope Kate doesn't mind but I bumped this up to the general forum because time slips by and I can't believe that this is this weekend. I wish Oliver and Aled (and of couse Kate) the best and I hope Ella will now be able to walk beside both of you in spirit now able to run :). Here are the details again.

"On Sunday 15 May there is a Walkathon in the Memorial Park in Coventry. Anyone can fundraise for their favourite charity, and I wondered if those who came to the Coventry Fun Day in the last two years might like to get together and form a Cavalier team of both humans and dogs to raise money for Rupert's Fund. A circuit of the Memorial Park is 1.75 miles and you can do as many - or as few - circuits as you like.

It costs 5 per person to enter, which pays for the organisation and also contributes to the organisers' charity, which this year is the British Heart Foundation, but apart from that all the money we raise will go to Rupert's Fund.

Oliver, Aled and I will be doing the Walkathon anyway, but if anyone else would like to join us, pm me and I'll give you more information, add you to the entry form and send you sponsorship forms.

Kate, Oliver and Aled"

Kate H
10th May 2011, 09:32 PM
Thanks for that, Anne - and for your sponsoring of us. I'm sure Ella's spirit will be bounding round our beautiful Memorial Park with us. No one has joined the team, but one of the people who came to the Fun Day I organised last year is going to walk with us, so there will be 5 actual Cavaliers and 1 spirit. Jayne didn't feel she could join the team as everyone she knows is already suffering from sponsorship fatigue - lots of walks, marathons etc on at the moment!

I'm hoping for fresh weather - if the sun is strong, Oliver will be sporting his new Doggles!

Kate, Oliver and Aled

PS The park is actually the War Memorial Park, with a tall tower topped by a perpetual lantern in the middle and a lot of beautiful trees, all dedicated (with a name plaque in front) to people who served in the armed forces and died either during or after World War 2, and the civilians who were killed in the Coventry blitz - often whole families. It's not at all a morbid place; it's full of children playing, footballers, a small golf course, lots of joggers and dog walkers - a lovely living way of remembering the dead.

11th May 2011, 11:50 AM
Thanks for this timely reminder, Annie - will Paypal some money for you Kate. Is it still kate879@btinternet.com by the way?

You paint such a lovely picture of the Memorial Park (which I remember very well from my childhood in the 1950s when it was all fresh and new). So sorry I will be on the other side of the country on the day, but perhaps you can add another person there "in spirit" to support your efforts.

Hope it doesn't get too hot, though I would love to see Oliver in his doggles and cap. Don't suppose you have any photos of him do you?

Will email you re other matters before I go!

13th May 2011, 03:56 PM
Just a little http://i673.photobucket.com/albums/vv97/Cavviewagtails/Animations/Bump.gif for Kate's walk tomorrow.

If anyone else can sponsor her, plese send a contribution to her Paypal account which is kate879@btinternet.com

Good luck, Kate, Oliver and Aled