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Brian M
10th May 2011, 09:48 PM

21 different items to get ready all in measured and weighed quantities as the girls are on a diet and it is working
1 Lamb cubes
2 Whitebait
3 Shreaded Wheat Sqrs
4 Mixed Veg
5 Sprouts
6 Melon
7 Strarberry
8 Sweet Corn
9 Free range egg
10 Salmon Oil
11 Mobile bones
13 Goats Yogurt
14 Dorwest treebark powder
15 Dorwest Keepers Mix
16 C0 Q 10 Caplet
17 Taurine Caplet
18 Vit E iu 200 Capsule
19 Ultimate veg vit tablet
20 H and B natural Bran
21 Dorwest Garlic and Fenugreek caplet

And I really enjoy preparing their meals and carefully checking everything and carefully weighing everything out ,Its realy stress busting and good fun though it takes me about 30-40 mins preparation and the girls a few minutes to devour .:)
Oh and I forgot the bonemeal and they rarely have any upset tums and lovely firm poops .:)


11th May 2011, 12:15 AM
Brian, are you for hire? Seriously, I give you credit, all that work and to have it gobbled down in what 3 minutes?

I wanted to ask, what is the purpose of the taurine in their diet? I know it's important for cats to have taurine in their diet, just wondered the purpose in a Cav's diet?

What is Dorwest Keepers Powder?

team bella
11th May 2011, 06:20 PM
Brian, how do you serve this and what quantities do you use? You say its working, how much weight have the lost. My too need to lose weight especially as I caught Jessie helping herself to dog biscuits in the cupboard !!

Brian M
12th May 2011, 12:31 PM

Its served in four stainles steel bowls and all carefully proportioned for each of them. Their daily meat source is lamb ,beef,chicken and muscle /liver portions but no pork and portions of 30 gramme per meal each twice daily and everything else.
1 Meat 30 gramme
2 Whitebait two each for evening meal only
3 Shredded Wheat two sqrs morning meal only
4 Mixed veg ,from Asda the boil in the bag packs ,mix of carrot ,broccoli and cauliflower, they have quarter pack each both morning and evening meal.
5 Sprouts one each evening meal only
6 Melon chilled two cubes evening meal ,then as a quencher after a walk
7 Strawberry chilled one each morning and evening chopped up ,then as a quencher during the day.
8 Sweet corn two small chopped up between four evening only .
9 Free range organic eggs ,normally Friday only two beat up and poured over evening meal ,occasional one between four during week .
10 Salmon oil ,nightly squirt over meal
11 Mobile bones half teaspoon nightly each over meal
12 Bone meal half teaspoon
13 Goats yogurt low fat teaspoon over evening meal only
14 Dorwest Keepers mix ,a herbal supplement nightly half scoop over meal
15 Dorwest treebark powder half teaspoon each evening meal
16 CQ 10 one daily
17 Taurine one daily
18 Vit E one each nightly
19 Natural Bran two teaspoons each over food morning and evening meal
20 Ultimate nutrition veg vit one each after evening meal
21 Dorwest garlic and fenugeek tablet one each .

Poppy is now down to 10.90 k from 11.60 k a few months ago when they were all generally a bit heavier but then they were having 50 gramme of meat each twice a day so I cut it down to 40 gramme which stabilized their weight and now its 30 gramme each twice a day, and Pops as she is a larger Cav ideally I would like her about 10.50 k .She is 5 in July and when she was 2 she went up to 13.90 k so I then bought a pair of accurate scales and started weighing all there food and have kept spread sheets of all their weights for the last 3 years and weigh them all twice a month so I can accurately control there food and calorific intake and have increased their exercise and mine ,and I really enjoy looking after them and fussing over them .

Don't forget to thoroughly clean their teeth before bed . :D

Kate H
12th May 2011, 08:51 PM
Brian, you obviously enjoy your cheffing activities, but I had to giggle over your post as I did my boys' tea yesterday:

A measured container of Burns Alert biscuits
The raw ends of the sticks of asparagus I had for my supper
The boiled up fish skins and liquid from the smoked haddock casserole I made yesterday
An Omega 3 capsule
A small spoon of Plaque Off for their teeth (Aled flatly refuses to let me brush his (very small) teeth)

They seem to do OK on it, anyway!:lol:

Kate, Oliver and Aled

Brian M
12th May 2011, 09:07 PM
Thanks Kate

Most of my posts are meant tongue cheek and to give a smile ,and I bet Oliver and Aled will race around the park on Sunday and if we we attended we would be dust in your wake .Though that lot is their tea but I thought I better not show everything .:)

Good luck and stay dry on Sunday .:o:o:o

13th May 2011, 12:15 AM
Brian, are you for hire? Seriously, I give you credit, all that work and to have it gobbled down in what 3 minutes?

I wanted to ask, what is the purpose of the taurine in their diet? I know it's important for cats to have taurine in their diet, just wondered the purpose in a Cav's diet?

What is Dorwest Keepers Powder?

Taurine is good for the heart :)

13th May 2011, 12:15 AM
Brian, you make yummy healthy meals and treats, have a beautiful garden and home to romp in and fun doggy playmates!! Life is good at your home!!! cavtiny

13th May 2011, 08:02 AM
Goodness Brian!

I think you are really trying hard to do your best for your girls, but I would not be feeding such a selection at each meal. Like us, you do not have to balance every meal, just over a period of time, usually a week.

So I would feed a maximum of two protein sources - generally finishing up what's left or adding an egg, or small amount of fish.

With fruit and veg, a maximum of 4 at one go - I tend to puree a whole batch and then freeze it [within 2 hours], then defrost and use as I need.

You want to aim for 1/3 meat, 1/3 bone, 1/3 fruit and veg by weight. I can't see that you are feeding any bone? I realise that you are giving bonemeal. Bones provide vital nutrients including calcium, complex (good) fats and vitamins

Do they need quite that much bran? We usually give 2 tsps per day.

The treebark powder I would only give whilst they actually have digestive issues, they don't really need to be on it all the time.

I think you might be doubling up vitamins with Dorwest Keepers mix, Ultimate nutrition veg vit and all the fruit and veg you are giving - it seems to be a fairly vegetairan diet! Dogs are omnivores but eat much more meat than vegetable matter - on a good quality diet like this they shouldn't need that much extra vitamins.

If you are unsure about diet, would it perhaps be better to use Darlings? http://www.darlingsrealdogfood.com/

that would take all the worry out of it, also give you more time to spend with the girls rather than preparing all that food ;) They aim to get everything from field to you in under four days which is considerably faster than the food you find in most supermarkets.

The best thing though is that their meat is free-range or wild - not living in cramped wee cages and having a miserable life

Brian M
13th May 2011, 08:51 AM
Hi Nicki

And thanks for your observations .The Treebark powder is only given when upsets tums are about and the bone issue is overcome by feeding a variety of meat sources other than lamb which is in the photo, the others being lamb neck ,lamb rib and chicken wings together with venison and buffalo and as you say a bonemeal supplement with a twice weekly calcium tablet .Whitebait is give daily though only two and they also have two weekly meals of lightly steamed whitefish and or sardines for their high Omega 3 content,and the fruit in the photo was melon and strawberry but in addition they also get banana and apple and any others that are appropriate .I am a member of many of the raw forums and read as much as I can on them and from many books and magazines and do my best to give them proportionate meals. Bone and fruit as everything else is carefully measured and weighed .I don't want to give them a prepared diet nor do I want to puree anything as I try to make each meal a time of fun and as I said I really enjoy doing their meals and fussing over them plus I know exactly what they are eating how much and how fresh everything is but I do wellcome all comments advice and help and I hope any other ideas on what I can give them so they can all have happy healthy fresh and fun meal times .As I said where I work in town I am near Birkenhead Market which has a lot of local butchers and fresh fruit and veg stalls but being a humble man my knowledge on cooking and food is rather limited but I did survive living on my own (and my trusty GSD ) for a period of three years .Thanks Nicki .:)

Any other ideas from any members pls .:)

14th May 2011, 03:48 AM
Brian...you are a man of my own heart! LOL I'm really passionate about Polly (and my cats) diets too. My spread isn't quite as impressive as yours but I am now inspired! My prob is that Polly is soooo picky!! She dramatically spits almost everything out (fruits, veggies, fish) its very frustrating. Do you ever add blueberries to the diet? Lots of health benefits! I guess the only things I'm curious about is the sweet corn and shredded wheat. As far as I've always known, corn contains alot of sugar and not much nutritional value and is a vey common allergen for dogs. Same goes for wheat (prob more nutrition in this but I often hear of dogs having probs with wheat). Any insights? Amazing job though..I'm impressed!