View Full Version : Hair follicles mites

14th May 2011, 07:31 AM
Last week I went to the vet with Justin, he found the hair follicle mites on him, it is the second time within a year. When the dog is so old it's a serious problem (10 ), his defense is bad, so it will come again, he must have eight injections for eight weeks, I hope it works. It is not a month ago that I lost my Chaly.

Demodex canis !!

:( :(

16th May 2011, 03:54 AM
Sorry to hear about the issues, and the need for all the injections!

It's hard when things like this are happening around the time when we've lost another.

Jasper and Holly
16th May 2011, 05:01 AM
Hope Justin is okay