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15th May 2011, 12:44 PM
Hello everyone.
I had a whole page written out and sent but I guess it never posted. So this one will be shorter LOL
My name is Becky. Last month our Pekingese passed away from complications due to heart murmur/enlarged heart. He was almost 16 years old. Our family has never gone through a loss of a pet until then. We never knew just how much it would hurt. He was a special dog, our best friend. He got me through so many nights when my husband was away with the military, he was my pal. We buried him in a pet cemetery with a kings funeral.
When we got home, the house was so empty and lonely. After lots of soul searching and discussions we decided that we needed another dog in our life. This dog would not take the place of our Peke but it would be special in a new way.
We didn't know what breed to choose so we took tests online to find a breed to fit our needs. We narrowed it down to 2 breeds. The American Eskimo and the Cavalier. We went to visit 2 breeders that I felt were not doing it for money. We came with a list of questions to ask about the breed. We wanted to get a feel for both breeds. After leaving the home of the American Eskimo we knew that it wasn't the breed for us. So on the to the Cavalier.
When the door was opened it took just a few seconds before all of us had smiles on our faces. We sat down and talked with the breeder. We asked many questions and she was open and honest with answers. She had a file box ready with all the health records of all of her dogs. She does the yearly heart, eyes, patella testing. She had all the pedigrees too. She had so many things from even the great grandparents, it was great! There was so much information to take in. She showed us around and introduced us to all of her dogs.
It was then time to meet the puppies. They were only 5 days old. We chose a male. We held him for a few minutes but mom was getting nervous so we gave him back. She was so loving to her pups. It was a great thing to see. Within just those few minutes we fell in love with this puppy. All of her dogs were so friendly and playful. The breed is exactly what we wanted.
We spent 3 hrs at her home just discussing cavaliers and seeing pictures of her lines. We paid a deposit and came home. We get weekly pictures and updates on our puppy.
I was so excited I went out and bought a ton of stuff already. I bought a book too to get even more knowledge on the breed. Something I've been reading about was SM. I wasn't sure if I we had discussed SM while there so I called her. She said none of her lines have shown signs of SM. I know that it still be in them but I am trying to think positive on it. After dealing with our Pekes heart issues I know I can deal with that but SM is another thing. It is a little scary but we are still going to buy him. I will just keep an eye out for the signs and just get as much knowledge on the subject as I can.
I hope this group will be a wealth of info for me and a lot of fun discussing this breed. We are truly excited to bring our new pup home. It will be a new beginning and hopefully in time the loss of our friend will not hurt so much.


P.s. This was the short version..HaHa!

15th May 2011, 05:43 PM
Hi everyone. I am also new to having dogs. My little 12 week old black and tan Cavalier called Lennie has been with me for 8 days. We are doing well so far although because of my lack of experience I tend to get a bit anxious and inclined to think that I am doing everything wrong. Lennie seems to be coping well with me!

Lennie is very well motivated by food but has a tendency to a "runny tummy" I would be grateful for ideas on exciting treats to help with training which are not too rich for his tummy. I have been advised to have small things which are smelly and moist. Any ideas? So far we have managed with his normal kibble and little bits of goats cheese they both work well but I understand that variety is good to provide the "high value treat" for more difficult to learn new things.

Lovely to read all the posts and to know that there is such a good community of Cavalier lovers to call on for advice.:luv::luv::luv:

15th May 2011, 07:28 PM
We are going next week to look at some new pups. Can't wait. I am a little nervous though.

16th May 2011, 11:29 PM
Welcome all to the board! :)

16th May 2011, 11:38 PM
Thanks for the welcome. congrats to everyone that just got or will be getting a Cavalier. I hope they bring many many years of love and fun and vise versa!