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Jasper and Holly
16th May 2011, 10:33 PM
I just wanted to ask if I should keep feeding Sardines??
I have been feeding both my dogs a raw diet with lots of variety meat, fish fruit veggies etc. I feed them sardines in oil which is mostly drained off, as I already give them omega 3 oil anyway, mixed with raw grated carrot. They have it once a week and go wild for it. Jasper shakes as soon as he smells it! Lol the thing is his poop is always mucus wet like after it, but he doesn't appear to be unwell at all. Holly is fine. Just wondered what anyone thinks?

Brian M
17th May 2011, 09:27 AM
Hello Deb

We feed Sardines as well about once every ten days but I get the ones in brine and just flush all that away before feeding .The wet or mucous poop is just natures way of getting rid of any surplus oil and is perfectly normal .The other item I buy is fresh packs of sardine fillets which I lightly steam then feed ,have you thought about whitebait as an additive the girls have two daily ,they are all excellent sources of Omega 3 especially the sardines so you are doing brilliant .If you have any ideas for me pls advise as I love giving them a healthy happy varied diet .What meat source /veggies /fruit do you give .:)


Kate H
17th May 2011, 10:26 AM
My two have a tin of sardines in sunflower oil once a week, including the oil - they do have Omega 3 as well, but any vegetable oil is good for their coats. If I eat sardines, I keep the oil to go on their next day's breakfast. They love it and it makes their food a bit more interesting.

Kate, Oliver and Aled

Jasper and Holly
17th May 2011, 10:27 AM
Hey Brian,
Thanks for that. I wasn't too sure because as he was enjoying them so much and not showing any signs of being unwell,but it was his poop that got me thinking.
Yes I do also feed fresh sardines and red spot whiting but raw not cooked. The local fish shop has so much to choose it's hard to know what to get, but I think it's all good anyway. Holly is so funny she spits out all the heads and Jasper runs to get them but not a chance she's saving them until last. She is the boss Jasper has no chance! I have to feed them separate when I give them bones otherwise they would fight.
I try to give them a variety of meat. Chicken mince, necks, frames, livers, legs. Heart,( kidney, liver, this Holly spits out and would gladly let Jasper have!) turkey necks, beef soup bones (which they love) supervised of course!
Veggies well they will eat almost anything we have that they are allowed to have. I must say the botty burbs are a bit on the nose after certain veggies!! They love raw carrot grated or whole. Fruit, water melon seedless, rock melon, honeydew, apple, bannana,strawberries, blueberries. I give them plain yogurt every day and they have omega 3 oil every day too. As well as multi vitamin. Only the best for the the furry kids as my hubby calls them. I was looking at your dorwest herbs website and they don't have a Australian distributor and was thinking maybe I should become a distributor here?

Brian M
17th May 2011, 10:50 AM
Hi Deb

Just speaking to Joy in our office she lived in Highgate Hill and New farm and Indooripilly down your way .You are so lucky in having such a varied supply of fish and veg/fruit for Jasper and Holly and I am sure you know what I feed my four I will pop out later and see if I can find some blueberries for them and early this year they even had for a time some shrimps and oysters and no runny tums thankfully but I think that may be going a bit too far.

Jasper and Holly
17th May 2011, 11:17 AM
That's so close to the city. We live about 25 ks from the city in Birkdale or maybe she will know Wellington Point? Yes we are lucky to have such a good variety. The different fruits here are amazing.