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17th May 2011, 07:30 AM
:*nana: Hello, looking for a bit of advice. I adopted Charlie, who I am told is 4 yrs old in Jan 11, he is a black & tan. I am really struggling with his weight, when I got him he was 17.5 kilos, I have managed to get a kilo off him, but am struggling to get him any slimmer! I am feeding him for a 12 kilo dog, but my vet is concerned I may be underfeeding him, she said she has never seen a cavalier like Charlie, lol and has advised me he is very big boy for breed and not to diet him anymore. He is on constant heart and eye medication and has to go in for throat and chest x-rays on 7th June.

Has anyone seen a cavalier this size? Oh, and his bits are still intact :jmp:

Angie & Charlie

17th May 2011, 06:36 PM
I have seen male Cavvies up to 12 or 13 kilos, but never as high as 17.5. Maybe others her have though. As to weight, does he look like he is heavy or he is just a tall with heavy frame? Maybe you can post some pics. I am wondering a bit if he is a mix with other breed....any chance of that??

17th May 2011, 06:57 PM
My Clancy weighs 38 lbs...that's around 17 kg, yes? He also stands about one third taller than the average cavalier. My vet is not concerned about his weight, although his epilepsy meds did make him gain weight. I'd like to see him lose 5 lbs or so, but not sure it's possible.

Brian M
17th May 2011, 08:50 PM

Without photos I would suggest he certainly needs weight off ,Karlin always suggest cut all his food by a third and no treats and up the exercise otherwise his heart will give way much too early. And check this


17th May 2011, 09:23 PM
Actually I would never, ever recommend whether a dog needs to lose weight based only on its weight, sight unseen, with no further detail on whether the dog is fit or fat, and especially not when a vet has said the dog seems perfectly healthy and in good weight.

This is a critical point I cannot emphasise enough -- no one should ever assume what a dog's weight should be based on a breed standard! Many dogs fall under or especially, over the standard. Even amongst many show breeders now the trend for males actually is to be ABOVE the breed standard -- many feel 18lb is too small for a solid male. Judges do not seem to have a problem with this. It is probably time for the weight aspect of the breed standard to be reconsidered, given that many judges have no issues with these larger dogs (and given that some feel there may well be strong health arguments for a somewhat larger cavalier...).

I have indeed seen a cavalier that large in perfectly good weight for his size, come into my own rescue and we have had members here with dogs around that size too.

**** If your vet thinks he is a fine weight for his size then I am sure he is fine and I would follow the vet's advice. **** You will seriously underfeed him if he is the correct weight for his size yet you feed him only as much as a dog a fourth smaller would need. You need to feed him according to what his healthy size and weight is. :thmbsup: As it sounds like the vet suspects other potentially serious heath issues, having hi in healthy weight and not underweight is important.

There are some oversized examples of the breed, definitely! :) -- but also, if the exact background of this dog is unknown I'd suggest it more likely he is actually a first or second generation cross from a larger spaniel breed like a springer, or a welsh springer, or a cross with a Gordon setter -- which are setters with the same B&T colouring as cavaliers. If the dog did not come from a reputable show breeder, deliberate or accidental crosses are very likely. These other breeds have larger litter sizes and hence allow the unscrupulous to make more money on selling more puppies. It is easy to fake a pedigree/registration (so any breed could be in there despite it saying he is a cavalier) unless the dog has been DNA identified.

Maybe post a picture or two?

The only thing that matters is that you have a dog you love and are clearly giving love and care to a rescue dog that badly needs it. The size or even whether he's a purebred or not surely doesn't matter. The size of your heart in giving him love and care does! :D

18th May 2011, 09:59 PM
...I feel much better after reading your reply, Karlin. Charlie has a very large bone structure and is very solid build. I'm going to stop fretting as much about his weight.
Thanks :mona: