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26th May 2011, 10:20 AM
This trip to the vets went a lot better and he spend over half an hour talking to me. In the end Ihad Ebony blood tested and Harley got his Lepto jab.

My issue was with both my dogs starting the puppy jabs again. What the vet explained and I understand know that his hands are tied by the pharmaceutical companies. It’s the pharmaceutical companies that put the condition on the boosters. The vet said that he is happy to give the Booster even after it’s over the 18 month period; so long I agree that if my dog would contract something that is covered by the booster the pharmaceutical company or the vets are not held responsible. I was happy to do that. I ask him what would be the pharmaceutical Companies stand on covering the booster if Ebony's blood tests came back with her immunity still high. He said he doesn't know he would have to find out, as I am the first person ever to bring this up.
I must say I am amazed.

The vet also told me that one of his dogs had blood tests for 3 years and his titers were high. So that means my own vet doesn’t believe in the boosters. At least he was honest with me.

Brian M
26th May 2011, 10:28 AM
HI Sabby

Well done and power to the Cavaliers and not the muti national pharmaceutical companies that try to pressurise all into giving them more money for unnecessary sometimes lethal injections .