View Full Version : Everything is for the dogs!

30th May 2011, 10:49 PM
Everything is for the dogs! A common phrase around our house. First a bigger camper, then a bigger truck, now a bigger boat.


I was happy for years with the 4 person Waverunner. It was fast, and fun. But we could not take the dogs. That meant that we could not go somewhere all day. Cant’ leave the dogs for that long! Cooper was on the Waverunner a few times, he had to sit in my lap, and was not happy. So it was good by Waverunner this year.


This is the new to us boat it is fine for the dogs, and Rose likes it better, but we can no longer skim the waves a 50+ MPH.

But, I guess this is better choice for all.

Jasper and Holly
31st May 2011, 04:06 AM
Love it and I bet they do too! We used to take our last dog out on our boat in the bay fishing. He used to have a ball. We don't have it anymore now we have a caravan instead. My two love their trips to the beach in it.