View Full Version : Please: use plain English, not 'text message' language for posts!

8th June 2011, 12:09 PM
Possibly the single most annoying and frustrating thing people can do when posting is to make posts using only or primarily the abbreviations used in text messages.

Many people have absolutely NO idea what many of the abbreviations are and find such posts very hard to read. That means many people will not read your posts -- which is surely the very antithesis of why people post in the first place. People whose first language is not English also really struggle with such posts.

Please be considerate of all board users (and of a wonderful, expressive language!) and just use normal English when making posts. The board's limits on post size only kick in after 16,000 characters so there is NO need to abbreviate everything! :lol:

NB: I am *not* referring to the common use of occasional abbreviations on boards, such as FWIW, IMHO, LOL, ROTFL (indeed anything else that might be turned into an emoticon/smiley either...). I am talking about using R for are, U for you, D for the, der for there, dose for those... etc throughout a post.

Because so many people complain privately about such posts, and I cannot stand them myself and consider them rude (as they force many others to struggle through understanding them), and they take extra time for me and mods to figure out, I am asking people to stick to normal English as a condition of making posts on the board.

You are very welcome to use 'text speak' in your private messages if your recipient doesn't mind :D, but not on the board please.

31st July 2011, 10:50 PM
Gentle reminder :wink: