View Full Version : Seen dog walker and dogs didn't get on

9th June 2011, 06:29 AM
I seen a dog walker walking 6 dogs ( 2 cavs included ) and clearly the dogs were at loggerheads. My guess is that these dogs were from 2 different families, but the dogs were clearly distressed. I was really upset by this.

Jasper and Holly
9th June 2011, 08:48 AM
You should have gone out and had a word with them. 6 dogs that's rediculous. It took me a while to master two!

9th June 2011, 09:22 AM
Yeah, I always wondered when I lived in New York City and watched dog walkers walk up to 10 dogs! It was chaos!

Karen and Ruby
9th June 2011, 01:21 PM
Its really important when using a dog walker to be very careful in stating how you wish your dogs to be walked.

I use walkers- only two of the 5 employees are allowed to walk my dogs ( due to Rubys SM) and they aren't allowed to be walked with any other dogs but themselves.

I know people say "well how do you know?".........well I have spyed once or twice to see where they are taken and how they are treated as well.

I have also asked that they aren't to be greeted by other dogs when they are out also as there are a lot of not very nice around where I live.

To let your babies be looked after and trust someone else Is scary enough with out being out of the loop of what happens to them when they are out and about!!

9th June 2011, 01:30 PM
I walk my 5 with few issues outside some leash tangling (though Lucy now only goes out briefly, not on a real 'walk'). I have a great triple lead from Larz and then use two single leads. The three on the triple are used to walking on it and stay fairly well organised but I do need to straighten out the tripler part with a few twists every little while.

But these are all dogs than know each other and I am the owner, & know them well too. I wouldn't want to have them walked by someone else with 5 MORE dogs... :yikes.

There's no licensing for dog walkers so I do think caution is the approach to take to find a good service. A lot of them do not seem to know much about dogs. I cannot imagine managing more than I have, even though I have specially designed leads that make the process with 5 much easier!

9th June 2011, 01:51 PM
Agree with Karlin. I walk my own and foster dogs together - six of varying sizes has been max. They all fall into order and walk fantastically together [although if one does a poo & I pick it up it does end up in a tangle!] I usually have to walk the foster dogs separately for a while to get them into my way but it's great walking as part of a pack and a benefit to them. The dogs are so focused when we stride out - there's no stopping to sniff or faffing around that I get when walking them as single/pairs. Most walks are a mix of on and off lead, and even off lead they are more aware of where I am and watch for the smallest signal. Obviously the walker you saw wasn't up to the job but don't write off the benefits of walking as a pack - you can't beat it :p No matter how rotten the day or rough I'm feeling I get a sense of "everything is right in my world".