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12th June 2011, 04:53 PM
My 2 year old girl had pups 3 months ago. Since then, she seems lively and energetic enough and is eating, but her fur has become thin. The one puppy we kept keeps play fighting with very often, so I wonder if he has bitten any fur off, as her neck seems particularly thin of hair, yet she never yelps or seems injured. Her tail hair is very thin too. She is quite thin, but is a tiny dog anyway.

A friend said it is just her hormones sorting themselves out, but I wondered if anyone knew for sure what it was.

She also still tries to eat the pup's poo.

I am not overly worried as otherwise she seems normal but I guess I just need reassuring!!! Many thanks for any replies.

12th June 2011, 05:03 PM
Blowing her coat is normal.

Unfortunately, so is breeding before the 2.5 year mark set out by the MVD protocol, and breeding without the recommended health tests (hearts, eyes, SM, hips, patellas).

12th June 2011, 05:18 PM
It is sad that you apparently hadn't read up on responsible breeding practice in this breed and hadn't been aware that you bred a cavalier way under the health protocols :( and thus I guess knew nothing of the many health issues surrounding the breed and the long-srtanding breed health protocols for breeding. Breeding a dog under age 2.5 without proper testing (as noted, MRI, cardiologist auscultation, hip score, eye exam -- things a vet cannot do) is what contributes to the unfortunate perpetuation of serious health problems. An outwardly healthy dog is NOT a good breeding candidate -- they are prone to two progressive and potentially painful and debilitating conditions, SM and MVD, that you MUST test for to breed responsibly.

I hope you will now be able to read up more on these critical issues, which are explained in the Library section here, on www.Cavaliercampaign.com (http://www.Cavaliercampaign.com), on www.cavalierhealth.org (http://www.cavalierhealth.org) and the UK breed club site -- as no one should be breeding without full awareness of these responsibilities and without living up to them, if they truly care at all about the breed.

I would spay your female if you are unable to take this responsible step on behalf of your own dog and for the breed overall. Also as a responsible dog owner, I think you need to be talking to your vet about your original question with your cavalier -- a discussion board is not the place to get proper medical care for your dog if something seems out of place, especially after the serious stress of a pregnancy.

I do not allow discussions on individual breeding situations, as is noted in the Getting Started section. I also do not allow breeder memberships, as also stated clearly in that section, so I have closed your membership.

I am closing this thread to further discussion. :thmbsup: