View Full Version : Puppy & bike trailer

18th June 2011, 02:52 PM
Ok starting with back story. We bought a child's bike trailer for our Pekingese and we modified it to fit a dog. He loved that bike trailer, ears flapping in the wind and watching the scenery. At his funeral my husband laid his casket in the trailer and peddled him to his grave. We followed behind. It was a special moment for a special dog. When we got home, my husband wrapped it up and set it aside.
This morning as we go get our new puppy I got to thinking about that trailer. Since we cannot go for walks or to the dog park due to waiting for all of his shots to be finished (on the safe side) I was thinking that he still may like to go for a ride. Do you think it would be too early to introduce a bike trailer to an 8 week old puppy? Do you think it would scare him? My husband and I really want to try it so we can "get him out" in a sense. Maybe we can try to place him in it just to see what he does.