View Full Version : Rubys in Heat

21st June 2011, 09:54 AM
Exactly 7 months old to the day, last saturday Ruby started to bleed, funnily enough I had just the day before been speaking to someone saying it could come at any time! Makes sense as her behaviour has changed, she has been barking a lot lately especially when I leave the room, she never was this bad before, if I was busy in the kitchen doing hairdressing she would just sit on the sofa and watch tv.

Am off to the vets shortly for her adolescent health check and can ask any questions then. I bought some nappies for her and although I can put them on myself they dont stay on, so when I have help I stick to using swim nappies and cut a hole for her tail, they stay on great! Although if anyone has any tips on getting them on without help please let me know!!

My baby is growing up fast, but still a little cutie!!