View Full Version : Where do you buy your Lyrica/pregablin?

Margaret C
22nd June 2011, 07:25 PM
Tommy had a couple of really uncomfortable days so with Clare Rusbridge's agreement he has now gone on to Lyrica 75mg x 2 daily.
My thanks to Tania for providing me with a start up supply.

This drug has made a great deal of difference, Tommy is relaxed and sleeping comfortably, very little myclonic jerking and the shaking in the back leg is less extreme. He has even tried to play with some of the fluffies, and it hit me like a ton of bricks how long it is since he felt bright enough to initiate play.

Things slip away without you really noticing.

Tommy is not insured so I am anxious to keep the cost of these rather expensive tablets as low as I can. My vet has given me a private prescription so I would really appreciate hearing from anyone that has bought it in the UK.

22nd June 2011, 08:09 PM
So very sorry to hear that Tommy has been having some problems, but it's wonderful that the Lyrica is really helping

Sorry I'm not help with obtaining the drugs - I did obtain some medication for a friend recently from www.petdrugsonline.co.uk - I was very impressed with them so it might be worth asking them to quote?

23rd June 2011, 12:24 PM
Margaret, I normally get my from Tesco's 139 for 84 capsules. I was lucky and got it a bit cheaper on one occasion as they forgot to put the VAT on it,
but it hasn't happened since.:(

However, the last prescription I had I took it to a little local independent chemist and negotiated a slightly better price with them for buying the whole 6 month's worth in one go. Although that did hurt the credit card a little.

I do hope that it will help Tommy. Minnie has been so much better since she started on it and the one big advantage I've found is that if I need to give it to her a bit later or a bit earlier it does not seem to matter so much as when she was on Gabapentin.:)

Margaret C
23rd June 2011, 05:41 PM
Thank you for that Sandra.

Lyrica certainly does seem to help. Tommy had a couple of days when he was extremely restless and obviously getting twinges of pain even when lying still, as he would suddenly yelp and move.

Tommy gets very demanding of fuss and attention when uncomfortable. Whatever I was doing he would be there pawing at my legs, which really hurts.

It can sometimes be difficult not to get impatient and dismissive when you can't think what to do to help them and they are constantly disrupting your day. Poor Tom, I had to keep reminding myself he had no other way of asking for help.

Anyway, he is now relaxed and his eyes no longer show pain. I am trying him with the Lyrica ( pregablin ) & frusemide but without the metacam so we have that still in reserve. It does feel as if options are diminishing.

I have been getting Gabapentin from Hyperdrug because they were reliable and the price was reasonable and did not keep fluctuating, but unfortunately they do not stock Lyrica .

Tommy needs 75mg of pregablin twice daily and looking at Chemist Direct it seems the capsules cost almost the same whatever strength you buy, so I asked my Vet to prescribe 150mg tablets which, if I can get them, I will split and so halve the cost.

I have emailed Chemist Direct, Boots, and Lloyds Pharmacy to see if they will dispense 150mg tablets on a veterinary prescription.
I have found that most places will not allow you to order prescription drugs for animals online because VAT for animal drugs differs from VAT for human drugs. With Hyperdrug I had to do a telephone order.

If/ when I get a price from any of them I'll go round and compare it with what my local Tesco can offer.

Karen and Ruby
23rd June 2011, 10:58 PM
Hi Margaret

I get mine from Boots Pharmacy however this is for the 50 mg tablets not 75mg BUT I pay 154 for 84 tablets, 6 weeks worth. That is VAT free as I dont pay any for them.

When I contacted a few people Pet Drugs online were 190 ish
Tesco are the cheapest though at around 139-144 however I just found it easier that the people in Boots know me and with my Tesco they need to order in advance and I just like the convenience that I can go in any time and get them with in 15 minutes in Boots.

Just have to ring around and ask- at first you get a blank stare and a strange look but the Pharmasists always ask how Ruby is these days- :D