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Margaret C
24th June 2011, 01:25 PM
The PDSA is a voluntary funded organisation in the UK that provides treatment for the pets of low income families.

They have stated.........

"From the start of July 2011, an eligible PDSA PetAid hospital client can still register up to three pets, but only one pedigree cat or dog will be permitted per client.

Why the change has been made

As part of PDSA’s commitment to animal welfare, PDSA has reviewed its registration criteria at its PetAid hospitals for pedigree pets in an effort to further promote responsible pet ownership. Our decision has been driven by our core aim of ensuring a healthy life for all pets, enabling our charitable veterinary service to be available to as many pet owners as possible.
In recent years there has been a large and unsustainable rise in the number of PDSA PetAid hospital clients bringing more than one pedigree pet for treatment. Our new policy does not stop clients from owning a pedigree pet; but it does however, ensure that PDSA services are allocated appropriately. PDSA must ensure that its limited funds are used fairly to provide its charitable veterinary services to as many owners in need as possible.
PDSA exists to help owners when they are most in need. PDSA is no longer able to support people who actively acquire multiple pedigree pets without being able to commit to their long-term health and welfare needs. Sadly, pedigree pets often need high levels of veterinary care due to inherited illnesses and breed related conditions as a result of irresponsible breeding associated with certain pedigree matings. The high level of demand this inevitably puts on our veterinary service results in a disproportionate allocation of funding, which is neither fair or appropriate. "

To read the whole story see......

24th June 2011, 02:50 PM
The PDSA have a policy of not allowing dogs into their charity shops, they already do not get my support because of this, in Calendar near Stirling, a tourist town that many people visit on day trips , some of the surrounding shops let dogs in but the pdsa charity shop has a notice on its door that says "to promote responsible pet ownership dogs are not allowed into the shop" what kind of crazy statement is that.

End of rant.

With this new ruling are they saying that if you have a pedigree you can afford treatment or that they have far too a high an cost for pedigree treatment

24th June 2011, 04:43 PM
Personally I can understand not allowing dogs into shops -- not all people are responsible owners and dogs can quickly damage and get into things in shops. Not all owners watch their pets or are particularly responsible. Some places like cafes and pet shops suit dogs though :). I don't know of any charity shops in Ireland that would allow dogs in. I know in the Uk this would be more common.

I do think the PDSA is a wonderful service for those needing health care for their pets, who are on low income. We have a similar scheme, the Blue Cross, in Ireland and it is really helpful in getting dogs neutered as well as cared for.

Their point is the latter -- that pedigree dogs are costing them too much because they find they are disproportionately represented for health issues. I would guess this is in part not just due to their being pedigree dogs and thus from restricted gene pools with known health consequences, whatever the breed, but also most are probably quite poorly bred/backyard bred pedigree dogs as few needing PDSA support will have sourced their puppy from a responsible health focused breeder because of cost.

The higher cost and greater risk of health problems in owning a pedigree dog is well born out by insurance statistics -- which is why pedigree dogs and cats cost more to insure.

25th June 2011, 10:31 AM
Perhaps I was indeed a bit rash about the pdsa, I do know that they provide a wonderful service and in my younger days (30 years ago) I took part in two charity events to raise funds for them.
Its just that particular strangely worded notice gets my back up "To promote responsible dog ownership"? we're not letting you into our shop, if they simply said no dogs that would be it.

There are indeed a couple of clothing shops who allow dogs in nearby, one has a dogs welcome sign, the other invited me in as I was standing outside when Sandra was in shopping.