View Full Version : Update on Ebonys booster issue

24th June 2011, 05:56 PM
As some off you remember about 3/4 weeks ago I had the hassle about to booster or not to booster, and that the vet said I had to start the puppy vaccinations again. At the time I was not happy with the vet but since then we had a good chat and I do understand now that his hand are tied by the drugs companies. He admitted himself that he titers his dog and after 3 years of being immune he doesn’t booster either.
Ebony is 4 now she had her puppy injections as a puppy and then her first booster then the last two years nothing. Her blood tests came back as her immunity being high for all the things they get the booster for. So from now on I rather pay 70 a year for a blood test then pump my dogs full off stuff they obviously don’t need.

The funny thing is, the vet said that I am the first person that has brought up this issue about boosters. And I am the first one that their dog had a blood test for this. This is a very busy surgery, it just shows that people don't know any better and just go along with what they are being told.