View Full Version : Ear Problems

26th June 2011, 01:12 PM
We have noticed it for some time now. My wife noticed it first, but I was somewhat in denial.
Charlie McFarlie wasn't reacting to sound. We had the vet examine his ears during his last visit and we were told that his ears were loaded with wax. Low and behold, we have been treating him with the drops for over a week now, and have cleaned out a lot. We still have more to remove, so I am hopefull his hearing will improve once it is all gone.
Has anyone else here experienced this and how did things work out for your Cavalier?

26th June 2011, 07:47 PM
Yes I had this with one of my previous dogs - I noticed Russie wasn't responding to my voice and didn't hear me when I was behind him - my husband hadn't noticed anything wrong either!

It was a case of impacted wax in his ear and since I'd picked up on it fairly quickly it wasn't too bad, and he was fine after the vet had sorted him out. It only ever happened the once. I suspected it being wax as I've had similar problems myself! :-)