View Full Version : Vets Or Specialist For Check UP

Brian M
26th June 2011, 09:09 PM

Our Pops is five on July 4th and Rosie is 4 on July 19 th and we are definately not having any boosters so shall I take Rosie back
to North West Surgeons were she had a consultation fo LP last Nov but she has been brilliant since or shall i take her back to Chestergates
were she had her MRI and was diagnosed with CM but again no sign of any pain and seems a perfect little healthy dog or shall we go back
to both for a check up and also I want a complete medical .Wherever we go our Pops cpold do with a medical once though thankfully she
just shows signs of good health only .
Or of course we could just go to our local Vets who just seem to check their hearts and thats aout it .
Advice please .

Gave them all their Avnatix spot as we are away in two weeks and Rosie has developed an ear infection so emergency Vets at !!.00 am today ,and next weel start preparing the Cavalier Coach for our trip away .

26th June 2011, 11:29 PM
If you do not feel local vets are thorough, may want to ask around or go back to the other practice. I have a vet close by that we use for basic treatment, such as anal glands and B12 shots. But I use another one recommended by several longtime Cav owners for major issues and annual exam. Took me a while to find her and she is VERY thorough. Just not close enough for minor things or emergencies.