View Full Version : Bucket of love aka Toodles

27th June 2011, 09:08 PM
Hi! I have studied the breed for years and wanted a Cavalier without question. Last June my daughters surprised me a with a birthday gift! She wa only 8 weeks old and everything I had always thought a Cavalier would be. She was perfect. Toodles lives with a border collie and I believe she thinks she is the same size. She can run and bark and then, like a switch went down, shut off and curl on my lap to nap. During the year she has had a few health issues. She had a patella problem that necessitated surgery and that healed beautifully. After that, she came down with an infected anal gland that the vet says may be the sign of allergies. She is my companion and I believe she knows she is regal.

One of my daughters has a cavalier and a cav/cocker mix and when they are all together it is amazing how they have the same schedule and mannerisms.

It is a gift that keeps giving every day.

I don't know anyone that could not love one of these precious pups.