View Full Version : New Member and Introducing New Puppy Questions

5th July 2011, 12:26 AM
Hi All,
I joined this network to get some advice on introducing a new Cavalier puppy (14 wks old) to my 12 year old Cav. Here's the situation: I will be picking up my new Cav from an airport - I am sure this will be stressful in and of itself for the puppy; My older daughter will be visiting our home and will be at an agility trial with my 12 year old Cav and her Border Collie when I am picking up the puppy and return home. I know all of our agility friends are anxious to meet the new puppy but I'm concerned about too much on one day for this puppy; I can always do a short visit to the trial the next day. What would you recommend to make this day and first weekend the best for all involved?

BACKGROUND WITH OTHER DOGS: The older Cav has lived with the border collie for 5 years; the border left home last fall with my daughter to college and they are only home about 8 weeks a year now - 4 weeks at a time and on rare occasions a long weekend. Of the 2 dogs, the Cav is the alpha dog. While I KNOW my older Cav misses his buddy and tolerates visits from my other daughters 2 dogs (Border terriers), I want the new relationship with the puppy to be a positive one from the beginning.

Look forward to the advice.