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8th July 2011, 01:26 PM
This site has a brilliant graphic to show how to monitor breathing rate


8th July 2011, 06:31 PM
Hi Nickie,

What is a normal breathing rate??


9th July 2011, 08:23 AM
The average number of times a dog breathes is 24 breaths per minute. But, depending on the weather and the dog's activity level, a normal respiratory rate for dogs is anywhere from 10 to 30 breaths per minute.

This was originally posted by Cathy Moon and should help you

As the mitral valve fails more and more, the heart needs to increase in size to accommodate the increased volume of blood in the heart because the valve is failing to close off. When this happens gradually, the heart slowly remodels and the dog will not have symptoms if he/she is not under stress. When a chordae that is part of the structure of the valve completely fails, it is sudden and the dog will have shortness of breath. If the dog is admitted to ICU and given oxygen for a few days while the heart remodels itself, the dog will breathe easier and will be able to rest comfortably during this period. Also, the cardiologist can monitor/change meds during this time. But heart failure does continue to progress.

So, in later stages, you need to monitor respiratory rate each day while the dog is at rest. If the respiratory rate goes above 40 respirations per minute, he needs to be seen by a cardiologist. Or if breathing increases rapidly or significantly, the dog needs to be seen by an emergency vet.