View Full Version : Trupanion Rate Increase ~ Anyone have their rates changed?

8th July 2011, 09:21 PM
Well I have been very happy with Trupanion... and at the moment I still am. Just wanted to let everyone know ....

I finally got hit with the "dreaded rate increase". Not as bad as the claims I have seen online! We were only raised $5 a month. From $33 to $38 a month. We have been with them a little less then a year & Flash is only a year old..... They claim it is due to the "rising cost of vet care". They also gave us the option to change our deductible which I'm thinking about since we have $0 deductible at the moment. If this is only a one time rate increase I'm not worried... but if it continues to rise every year or two we may be in trouble.... Right now they are reimbursing us more then we are paying in due to medications and treatments for CM/SM so I am still happy with them.

Anyone else have a rate increase?

8th July 2011, 11:58 PM
So I was curious if ours went up so I looked and we are still at $33 but we only started it a few weeks ago. We just got Toby's tag in the mail today with his trupanion card. I hope it doesn't go up every year either.

26th January 2012, 08:43 PM
I just received an email from Trupanion notify me that rate will go from $37.22 to $57.72, 55% increase. I was shocked, I only have the policy one year and had 3 claims.
Any of you have the similar problem with PetPlan?

26th January 2012, 10:08 PM
Yikes! I'm torn on Trupanion.. I'm terrified of another raise because we already spend so much on insurance but to this date we have been reimbursed more then we have paid out.

We had one raise with Trupanion with all 3 dogs. Flash went from $32 to $38 and then Holly & Blitz from $41 to $51.

We have no limit on payout amount, 90% reimbursement and $0 deductible. (They don't cover the cost of office visits or routine care but our regular vet is only $30 for an office visit)

I just ran a current QUOTE for our dogs with Pet Plan WITH a $12,000 annual max payout, $50 per incident deductible & 90% reimbursement....
Blitz and Holly would be $82 each and Flash would be $50. So we are saving with Trupanion. I can't change now anyways because Holly & Blitz both have SM and heart troubles but I know I'm saving in premiums with Trupanion. I'm also glad Trupanion doesn't have any yearly or lifetime limits. Yearly caps make me nervous. Especially when I know we have had nearly $15,000 in vet bills/medications over the last 1.5 years on 3 cavaliers. As there conditions progress I could easily see having to spend $12,000 on one dog in specialist visits in one year.

We have PetPlan with our other dog and have not had any raises yet but we have only been with them about 6 months. I believe they have annual raises of 5-10% when you renew your policy. I guess we will see. I'm paying $150 every 3 months for our Shepard. They have been great in standing to there policy but there return time on checks is really slow. Takes them about 2-3 weeks to get us a check in the mail. They have never responded to my emails and I have to call to find out anything. Trupanion has been wonderful about responding to online chat or emails instantly. They also process refills within 7 days and most claims in 7-10 days.

I know if Trupanion increases our premium again this year or worse increases by any more then a few dollars I would be furious! But we are between a rock and hard place with our dogs. They have so many medical bills we don't have the money to pay out of pocket but we are in the hands of money hungry insurance companies. At this current moment I am very happy with our insurance... but I'm forever nervous....

27th January 2012, 12:37 AM
Had the same increase a few months ago and have never filed a claim. When I added the new pup, I raised my deductalbe from 0 to $200 and am paying $73 for both.

27th January 2012, 02:36 AM
Just my opinion, watch those deductibles... I know they make the price cheaper but if it's per incident (like I have with pet plan for my Shepard). They could get away with covering very little...

Here is my example:

Let's say you take your dog in for an impacted anal gland and your bill is $275... $30 of that is an office visit.. so that puts you at $245. With a $200 deductible they only reimburse you 90% of $45 which is $40.50

Then the next vet visit you take your dog in for an ear infection. (Different incident) Your bill is $180. They reimburse you $0.

Next visit you take your dog in for limping. Your bill is $300. Your office visit is $30.. You pay your $200 deductible. They reimburse you 90% of $70 which is $63.

So out of $755 in vet fees.... you only get back $103.50.

I'm not sure if Trupanion works the same as Pet Plan with there deductibles. I kept our Trupanion deductible at $0 because we are at the vet at least 2-3 times per month with the Cavaliers. Sometimes more. The examples above are our last 3 vet bills for her over the last 6 months. Only difference is PetPlan covers the office visit fee and our deductible was set for $50 instead of $200.

That is just MY opinion. I know things work differently for everyone. Just wanted to show an example on how some of the deductibles can work.