View Full Version : Budding Cavalier Enthuiast!

13th July 2011, 06:43 PM
Hi my names matt and im 16 years old and am getting my first cav in November.

I have joined now to gather as much info on Cav's as i can.

I would love a Black and Tan Boy though i know the right Temperment is more of an importance.

A bit about Me and my Family:
ME (16 yo)
My sister (13 yo)
Mum and Dad (40's)
NAN (early 60's)

While me and my sister go to school 8-3:30 and my dad 9-5 and Mum on shifts The Cav will hardly ever be on it's own as my nan is home most of the time unless she goes out shopping etc.
Me and my dad love tennis and cycling and would be willing to walk for atleast an hour a day and lots more on the weekend. We have alot of expierence with dogs, My sister and I have lived with 2 golden retrievers all our life and my Parents have had 3 dogs and my Nan 2 so we know what we are doing.

So that's about me and my Family and i look forward to getting My Cav later in the year and also post if you know any reputable breeders in the east of england areas.