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13th July 2011, 10:38 PM
Everyone's thoughts on rescuing a Cav/Chihuahua mix? Rescue group has her about 2 hours from us. She's still a puppy.How much will being 1/2 Cavalier play into predisposition for Cavalier inherent disease and disorders? Are we hearing that these cross mixes are helping with the inherent issues?

13th July 2011, 11:08 PM

My feeling is that I would definitely pass on this puppy. Do you have any idea why they think she is a Cavalier/Chihuahua cross? I find that a lot of times rescue groups make a guess on a breed and they really aren't guessing accurately - they pick breeds that they think are popular. $450 is a pretty big adoption fee also. Both breeds have significant rates of MVD and SM - so you aren't going to improve the health aspects if the parents are truly a Cavalier and a Chihuahua. With a mixed breed puppy, it's a total crap shoot about what you will end up with, and I'd be expecting a temperament that wasn't too great with a Chi mix too. If I were looking for a small breed mix, I'd look for something mixed with Shih Tzu and I'd avoid anything mixed with Chihuahua, or Cavalier for that matter. My Shih Tzu girls have been incredibly healthy - they are now 11 and almost 14. My little Cavalier/Rat street rescue has been healthy too thus far - she is now perhaps 3 years old.......but I got insurance for her a few days after I adopted her off the street. But I would be very reluctant to press my luck with the puppy described above.

If I ever consider another dog, I'll likely take a very serious look at getting a Tibetan Spaniel. They have a lot of good qualities and are a relatively healthy breed.


13th July 2011, 11:27 PM











Lots of BIG RED flags here - where are all these mixed puppies coming from? Did they come from a puppymill/hoarder?? I don't think they have a clue about the parentage of these pups and I suspect this is a guessing game. They have a bunch of pups supposedly born at the same time but the description of parents varies according to the appearance of the particular puppy. Are these all from the same litter? The group will earn substantial revenue from the adoption of all of these pups. I think the chances of health and temperament problems are very high because it looks like these all came from a puppy mill. I'd run the other way.


I keep finding more of these on the site; many have already been adopted. There indeed look to be about 45 that came from a mill situation that was shut down - I really think they are all puppy mill chihuahuas - some long haired and some smooth. It's unlikely that there is any Cavalier in any of these pups and young adults. If you look at the last one, they admit that they have no idea what breed the sire is, and there are some adults labeled as Cavalier mixes that are clearly long-haired chihuahuas. Even though this may be a rescue group, the end result is just as if buying from a mill or BYB as far as potential health and temperament problems. These pups will all easily be sold because they are little and cute. I am a bit surprised at the adoption fees for these mill puppies; hopefully they'll use the large amount they will get to rescue older dogs with expensive problems. They will have spent very little on all of these puppies as they will quickly adopt them all out.

I have adopted a breeding Maltese mix girl from a puppy mill shutdown back in 1998 as well as adopting a poorly bred Cavalier girl off the street last year but I went into it understanding the risks and accepting them. I also didn't pay a big adoption fee, though, and the fee included her spay. The Maltese girl had been deemed unadoptable because of her temperament (fear biter) but she turned out to be a very sweet and loving pet. (But I was very experienced with dealing with rescues.) I immediately got insurance for the Cavalier from the street, and thus far she has had no health problems although she's still young.

If your folks get her, just be sure they understand what they are taking on and the risks so that there are no surprises.

14th July 2011, 04:52 AM
Thanks Pat. I didn't go any further with the inquiry, as it was just a breeze through Petfinder by my mom. Recently, another family member ended up with a rescue Chi, and he has turned out to be a really good pup.I told my mom my concerns about Cav health, and feeling like they aren't ready to take that on in a rescue at this point in their lives and too many unknowns. And funny thing is we talked about Shih Tzu's as I've had a few friends with them, and good dogs......of course, my mom can only think about Claire, and how lovely she is. But I think we will just keep seaching. I didn't go any further with the search, and yes, from what you found, sounds like a puppy mills raid. Sad, so very sad.Speaking of the rescues guessing....a while back a friend rescued a Border Collie pup. As she started to grow, it became apparent there was a lot more going on then Border Collie. A DNA test revealed a mix of 4-5 different breeds, of which BC was the insignificant number. Funny part is she came from a 'breed specific' rescue group for BC's.BTW, that fee you mentioned seems to be pretty typical of adoption fees for rescues in Michigan. Usually listed from $350-450. The only time I've seen them smaller is for some of the senior's they are trying to adopt outlookI am curious as to what health issues are cropping up in these mix breeds that contain 1/2 Cavalier, anyone know?