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22nd July 2011, 08:09 PM
Well Alfie (14 weeks now) has had a very busy and exciting day today. :)

The sun was shining, so after a morning short walk, Alfie had his breakfast and so did I. I popped him in his car pet transporter on the back seat, filled a bottle of water, and off we set. On arriving at a recreational ground in my home town, I marvelled at how much it had changed in the years since my sons were little and we used to go tadpolling or fishing for sticklebacks in the brook with home made fishing nets ( the foot of an old stocking/tights attached to a cane with wire ) I hadn't been there in years! There was everything possible to show a new puppy, large well mowed fields, children's playgrounds, wooded areas, ponds, paths and importantly, people and dogs! It was great and Alfie loved it. :p We walked for ages and practised down and stay on his extendable lead. We met lots and lots of dogs and the big moment was when 4 BIG dogs bounded over to us. One was a Great Dane :dogwlk: They surrounded him and bless him he wagged his ickle tail like it was a flag. They were good with him and by the time their owners had caught up, Alfie was licking them and down on the floor inviting play. He then met a cocker spaniel and several other big and small dogs. Back to the car and a big drink for Alfie. It was still sunny so instead of going straight home, I decided to take him into our small town as it would be busy with shoppers being a Friday. We walked the pavements with numerous stops whilst people said 'Awww look at the cute puppy' and asked questions and talked to me about their dogs. One family said they too had a Cavalier a little older than Alfie and the lady got her mobile out to show me a photo and how similar they look. It was slow progress as we were stopped many times. I tried to get him to sit and allow pats rather than his usual jumping up. All great experience. Eventually we headed home. Lunch for us both and Alfie slept for almost 2 hours ! I came on the forum while he slept, and saw a message from Kate H from the forum who lives in the next town. She suggested meeting up with her Oliver and Aled as they were coming to a park here at 3pm. So off we set and met Kate and her gorgeous Oliver and Aled. 2 beautiful dogs and Alfie loved meeting them and seeing them going for a paddle in the stream. We spent a pleasant hour before I left Kate and the 'boys' and headed home again. More sleep , then tea, and guess what he is doing now? Snoring on my lap whilst I try to type one handed lol. A good day all told cl*p

22nd July 2011, 08:58 PM
Awwwwww what a wonderful day for Alfie and for you! Sounds like a wonderful time especially meeting up with Kate and her dogscl*p I bet Alfie will have lots of lovely dreams tonight!

22nd July 2011, 08:59 PM
What a fantastic day Alfie has had cl*p Its lovely meeting up with other cavaliers. Leo and I had lunch on Tuesday with other CT member Janice and her lovely boy Lewis.
The boys spent the afternoon chasing around and playing.....Leo slept like a top for the rest of the day:biggrin::biggrin:

Kate H
22nd July 2011, 10:27 PM
It was a pleasure to meet Alfie today, he is such a sweetie and got lots of fuss and attention, especially from the many young people in the park - and had his photo taken! We much enjoyed meeting his mum Diana too, and we are all looking forward to our next walk, when Jen and Tilly will join us.

Kate, Oliver and Aled