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20th August 2011, 06:45 PM
Last night I nearly had a melt down. I was cleaning my house pretty thoroughly so my attention was definitely elsewhere. I had just come back inside from taking out the trash then immediatly began cleaning other things. About a minute later I heard Coco bark, so I called her and she didn't come running like usual. At first I thought something scared her, so I started looking for her. 5 minutes later when I couldn't find her, I got really worried. I thought she had a heart attack or something and might have collapsed and died in my closet, and other things like that :(!!!

I was shaking treats and ringing the doorbell and she was not coming. Then I got a phone call, and what do you know someone said "I think I have your dog".

How on earth did she get out?!?! The little stinker must have noticed I wasn't watching and got out when I took out the garbage. BAD DOG! Thank goodness she was found quickly, she was out for less than 10 minutes. My neighbors sure are nice... I worry people might steal her.

Little miss naughty Coco needs more door training, this is the first time she ever darted out and I didn't even notice...

20th August 2011, 07:29 PM
Guinness did something similar when he was a puppy, we had been out to potty and I always took his leash off before closing the door (this is in my laundry room, and with the cramped space it was easier send him onward into the house before turning around to close the door). 10 minutes later my neighbor rang the doorbell and handed me my puppy. Yikes!

So now I always give a treat once the door is shut to make sure everyone is inside -they both bolt for the kitchen when we come in.

20th August 2011, 08:02 PM
That happened to us once, not quite as similar, but my husband had left the back gate WIDE open and I let Belle out the back. A few minutes later I was calling for her, no Belle. I thought she was snooping behind the shed (as she often does) so I went out and looked, the gate was open and i panicked. I called and whistled, yelled at my husband for leaving the gate open, etc. etc. We went to the front garden, there she was, grazing on the grass, not a clue as to what was happening, phew.
It's great you have nice neighbours alright, she's safe now.

21st August 2011, 02:23 AM
I had let my girls out to do their business before bedtime. As always while out, I went to the closet to the top shelf to grab their treats. I Called them in, and my little tri girl did not come in. She can be stubborn at times so I went outside to bring her in and could not find her anywhere, Getting very nervous as she is my escape artist. (I have to be careful in the wintertime as a foot of snow gives her enough to jump over a 5 foot fence ). I noticed the poop can was too close to the fence and figured she had used as a step to help herself over. My backyard backs up to a 2000 acre wildlife refuge area so there is plenty of wildlife including coyote (which happened to be howling that night). I grabbed the flashlight and spent 3 hours in the woods. It was 2am and had done all I could do. I set up a lawn chair outside and laid in it the rest of the night giving her a scent to catch when and if she decided to come home. The sun rose and giving up all hope I came back inside. Something in my head had told me to open my treat closet, and lo and behold she comes out wagging her tail like nothing had ever happened. The little rascal must have stayed inside and snuck in there when i went to get the treats.

Thank God for happy endings


21st August 2011, 03:39 AM
Whew on all accounts!:shock: Mollycavi, I had to laugh at the end, that SO sounds like life around here! (((hugs)))

Rose bolts the front door, but thankfully, so far, one of us has seen her go, and for better or worse (better- we know where she is headed, worse- it's across the street), she shoots across the street to our neighbors (who she loves- they had a Cav up until a few years ago and Rose loves them). We are working on that :bang:. Our boxer got out the open gate twice- once, she just went around to the front porch and waited at the front door (while we're hollering out the back, lol), the second time, we were oblivious until a neighborhood jogger rang our bell and said "I think this is your dog?" *facepalm*. She had followed him down the street, and he figured that was probably not where she was supposed to be.