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21st August 2011, 09:16 PM
We are looking for a photo of a Black and Tan Cavalier of any age to be made into a Christmas card :biggrin: The cards will be sold at Discover Dogs and will be available from the gift shop, http://cavalier-gift-shop.org/index.php

All proceeds from the sale of the card will be divided between Irish Cavalier Rescue, Rupert's Fund and the Cavalier Collection Scheme [run by Margaret Carter and Tania Ledger]

www.ckcsrescue.com, (http://www.ckcsrescue.com/) www.rupertsfund.com (http://www.rupertsfund.com/) and www.veterinary-neurologist.co.uk/collection.htm (http://www.veterinary-neurologist.co.uk/collection.htm)

**You must own the copyright to the photo ie it MUST have been taken by yourself, or a family member or friend - entered with their permission. Professional photos [taken at pet shops, studios etc] are NOT eligible. By entering, you are allowing us to use the photo for the cards and promotion of the cards - you retain the copyright. The competition is open to all members of the forum [and their friends!] in all countries.

There is an entry fee of 1 per photo and the winner will receive a prize in addition to the honour of having their Cavalier appear on the cards. There is no limit to the amount of photos you enter. Please post them below - you will need to be able to send me a JPEG file of between 2 and 3mb if you are the winner.

Payment for entries is to be by Paypal to highlandebay@idnetfreemail.co.uk account is in the name of Trevor Hughes [so that I can ensure all entries have been paid for at the close of the competition], alternatively by cheque or a bankers draft in pounds sterling payable to "Syringomyelia DNA Research" [please e-mail me for the address to send them to].

If paying by Paypal, to help us please could you add a wee bit to cover their fees?

For us to receive 1, you need to pay 1.24
5 send 5.38

http://www.clothnappytree.com/ppcalculator/ helps with calculations.

Please quote your board name, and your full name and address with your payment. Thank you.

22nd August 2011, 03:21 PM
Please post photos/comments/queries in this thread http://www.cavaliertalk.com/forums/s...442#post400442 (http://www.cavaliertalk.com/forums/showthread.php?39324-Mini-photo-competition-B-amp-T-photos-only-Christmas-or-snow-themes&p=400442#post400442) :thnku: