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25th August 2011, 07:20 PM
I know there has been so many sad posts that I just posted a blog here that I wrote. I have read about people being careful and not doing much because their cavalier has CM or SM, even friends not on this forum. I felt the same way but someone on a yahoo group said something that really spoke out. What would Ella want?

I had been extremely upset because Ella had a lot of fun at the beach last July.

"I remember one guy said something that I will remember forever. He asked me if I ever have done something that I really enjoyed but felt bad the next day but would still do it again if you could? I thought of dinner and wine with my girlfriends staying up late chatting and having fun. The next day, I would be tired but it was worth it. We have all had those times. Maybe snow skiing and waking up sore but it was so much fun."

So some may think it's better to avoid any activity (definately true post surgery) but I still can see Ella's eyes and spark when she would see a bird and want to chase it AND WOULD! Those great times is what life is all about. Sadly there were days when I knew she did not want to be active but the time she would, I started to let her and I am so glad I did!


25th August 2011, 09:42 PM
Many things that supposedly hurt a Cavvie with SM have never hurt Gracie, like a full body shake. She does so with great gusto after getting out of bed or up from a nap. And she is already trying hard to chase a frog or moth at night again (even if I don't let her catch them). It is too soon for her to do so, but it was her biggest daily thrill before her SM surgery and it will be again in about 3 weeks. I can't wait until we can again play toss with her toys. She loved that!!! SM never prevented her from wanting me to through something so she could go get it. They won't do it if it hurts that bad...so let them do what they enjoy while they can do so.

Thanks Anne for a great reminder.

25th August 2011, 10:23 PM
I agree. My Mom is a diabetic and she shouldn't have sweets, and I give out to her about it when she gets a little ice cream cone, but she enjoys the ice cream so much- it's hard to take someone's joy away completely and remind them of what they can't do or have. We must live life to the fullest and take those chances!

25th August 2011, 10:39 PM
Wise words in my opinion...

25th August 2011, 11:46 PM
I went back to see who told me that we all need fun and it was Laura Lang! I always thought it was a guy!

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26th August 2011, 02:50 AM
Great reminder Anne. Not letting the disorder control everything is very important.

Sydneys Mom
26th August 2011, 04:36 AM
I totally agree. Whatever medical problems we're dealing with, you still need to have fun and be yourself. Like that old saying "laughter is the best medicine". I guess this goes for dogs and people.

Kate H
26th August 2011, 10:10 AM
When Oliver stands elbow deep in a very muddy pond, grinning all over his face and wagging his tail, and I know he's going to come out with black, smelly legs - SM or no SM, I know he's having fun!

A lot of my fun is tied up with going out and about with my dogs - days out at obedience shows, our monthly training days with a group who have become real friends over the years, long bus journeys to visit pretty villages and take lovely walks, camping holidays, visits to friends. The only difference now is that Oliver's sun hat and gabapentin always go along with us.

Kate, Oliver and Aled

26th August 2011, 10:33 AM
What a great reminder Anniemac, thank you for that...something we all need to remember, whether it SM, an upset tummy, an eye problem, whatever...we will keep them safe, but beyond that, we have to let them have fun and enjoy the life they were given. :l*v:

Karen and Ruby
26th August 2011, 12:57 PM
I totally agree Anne!!

It's important to enjoy these little dogs in every way we can because at the end of the road it is our memories that stay with us and I want to remember my little ones as being dogs and not SM or MVD sufferers!!

These disease plagues my life too much to let it plague me when they are gone :(

So all in all I let Ruby do eerything she did before she was diagnosed as with Charlie and to be perfectly honest she is allowed far more naughtyness now and she can actually do more now she is medication anyway!

She chases things, swims after ducks, does agility and obedience competitions (and I have some truely wonderful photos and videos from this that I will treasure forever and ever) And that look on her face when she is truely enjoying her self rolling in the sand at the beach or trying to catch crabs or fish out of the water are the momments that I want to be able to remember in the future- not the pain episodes!