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29th August 2011, 07:37 PM
Hi There

we got our little Bella on Thursday bless her, she has been a little treasure, the people we got her off gave us a bag full of food they have been feeding her, some sort of kennel food i believe, said to soak in a bit of warm water and then add a bit of pedigree chum to it, which i have done, she had her jab and was wormed on thursday prior to us picking her up, i have noticed her poos seem to be runny, not solid at all, and in the morning and late evening particularly she has some blood in it, and its like jelly looking, she is eating well, i think it must be a fluke but she is going in the yard for all her toilets, we had had a couple of accidents but she has been super, she is playful, and alert, seems to be right as rain in herself, she does that scooting thing too, all the kids find it highly amusing as i have told them it is her way of wiping her bottom lol i have ordered some james well beloved the puppy one, as i know when i have had my older dog in the past he thrived on that, she does seem to be going to the toilet alot, is this normal? should i be worried at all, or is this part of her having ehr jab, being wormed, and coming to a new home and she is settling still, any advice would be great

many thanks

30th August 2011, 09:14 AM
Just a little update, spoke to the breeder, she says she thinks her having her jab, being wormed, and getting a new home etc has given her a jippy tummy, she said it could be colitis i have read about this last night, and she does seem to have the symptoms for it, she said to put her on chicken and rice, for or days until the runny bum settles, but if it gets worse or the puppy stops eating or drinking then to take her to the vets, bella has woken up this this, wagging her tail spinning a round like a looney lol, i have given her a little bit of rice and chicken, just to see how this goes with her, fingers crossed it works :)

Kate H
30th August 2011, 10:09 AM
It does sound as if it could be colitis, so if it doesn't sort itself out in a day or two on a light diet, do take her to the vet - puppies, like babies, can go downhill very fast if they have anything wrong, even if Bella seems fine now.

Scooting isn't normal behaviour - it usually means there's some discomfort there if her tummy's upset, and could be another sign of colitis. Ordinarily, scooting is a sign that anal glands may need emptying (common with Cavaliers) or that a dog has worms. Hope you're going to insure Bella - unfortunately, you need it with a Cavalier!

Enjoy Bella - Cavaliers are enchanting puppies.

Kate, Oliver and Aled

30th August 2011, 11:47 AM
she is all insured already, i have given her a little bit of rice and minced beef, and she has woofed it down, every time i go into the kitchen she is sitting looking at me wagging her tail and then nudging the fridge!! she is not a silly girl is she lol, i dare not give her too much, i dont want to set her off with her tummy, she has done a couple of poos this morning, they are not solid but there is no blood with them thank goodness, she actually seems more playful today too, am keeping a close eye, if there is no improvement or it changes she is straight off to the vets, she had her drontal worming done on thursday, bless her they are such a worry when they get poorly xx

30th August 2011, 12:33 PM
Our Claire wasn't well the first day we brought her home. We figured between the long ride home, excitement, and a recent worming it had upset her system. She straightened out in no time, and the Vet said she was in good shape thought a bit thin. She had been on a crappy kibble, and so we of course changed that too.

The butt scooting right now might be related to her runny pooh and irritating her behind (think to have the same issues yourself), causing a bit of discomfort and itching.

Personally I would get the pup into the Vet for a first look over too, just to be sure.

Let us know how things go.

30th August 2011, 02:06 PM
yes cindy your right, we are getting her booked in and checked out in the next week, i have to say i am sshocked have given her two lots of rice and mince meat and she has done two poos and they look alot more solid, she has only done one each time and no scooting either, cant believe that can happen so quick, will keep her on this fora few days, she is loving the beef and rice lol, we have some james wellbeloved on order so will introduce her to that slowly over the next few days once her tummy has settled, she seems very happy and settled in herself, she is playful and bouncing around, and eating and drinking, i feel a lot more settled today about her, than i did last night, i was really scared last night, but she is so much better already will keep you posted for sure xxx

Love my Cavaliers
30th August 2011, 02:14 PM
Isn't it amazing how quickly these little ones get into our hearts? You've only had Belle for a few days and already she is your love. Most puppies seem to go through a period of upset tummies when they make the change from the breeders to their new home, but like Kate said, they can go downhill very qiuickly. Sounds you're keeping a very good eye on her though.

She sounds like a little love. Bouncing all over the place - a very happy dog. We'd love to see some pictures of this sweet little girl.

30th August 2011, 02:27 PM
here is a photo of her, she is so lovely bless her xx


30th August 2011, 02:50 PM
She may need some meds to get over this. Gracie reacted to Frontline for ticks and fleas like this as well as some dog foods. I would suggest you take her to a vet if it does not clear up soon. It can be addressed with a pill but sooner rather than later so she does not get dehyrdrated from the diarrhea.

30th August 2011, 06:33 PM
The other thing to try not to do is over feed her, puppies have very small tummys, but very big appetites, so it is easy to give a little too much, and this will cause her to have the runs, as she can't cope with a lot of food at a time. Try giving a little less, and even splitting her meals into five a day if need be until it all settles down.
She looks lovely.

31st August 2011, 10:34 AM
morning everyone, just a little update, yesterday was a much better day, poos alot more solid no bum shuffling on the floor, and no blood hubby went into bathroom which she is sleeping in at night, and he said one solid poo all night, and no blood so looks like the meat and rice are working a treat, she was also a lot more full of it yesterday, i thought she was full of it before but oh my lord lol she is full of it now, not the best first post i have put in my life, talking about number 2s lol lets hope this is her getting better now, fingers crossed. when the jwb comes i will slowly start her on that a little at a time, thank you for all your responses, very reassuring that you have been there to help thank you xx

Kate H
31st August 2011, 11:25 AM
So glad Bella's doing better - and yes, young puppies have a lot of energy, though they do crash out from time to time as well! The tummy upset could simply have been stress - moving to a new home is a lot of change for a baby.

Kate, Oliver and Aled