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maggie harris
5th September 2011, 01:04 PM
Hi im new to all this blogs and chat,question
how can i stop my 5 month old puppy to stop chaseing my two cats out the house,both cats dont like him.he,s the same outside does the same with birds,if he could chase a plane he would also,am i expecting too much at this young stage????

5th September 2011, 03:21 PM
icon_nwunsureicon_nwunsure My Tri color ( now 16 months) incessently chased my two cats from the day I brought him home. I actually was worried about him getting hurt, as the cats were much larger then he was. I always made sure there were gates across the stairs and selected rooms, which the cats could easily jump, to make sure they had an escape. Eventually, the cats decided that this game may be ok and began chasing him back. They have great times chasing and wrestling now. I just got a new pup ( 3 month Blenheim) and the cats haven't even blinked. Funny they seem to be very cautious with him as if they know he is just a baby. Since the two Cavs are mainly playing with each other now, I think the cats are feeling a little left out. Puppies just seem to enjoy chasing things.

5th September 2011, 10:07 PM
I think it is just the youthful thing they do. The first week or so we brought Chloe our Cav home, our cat Salwa was not that amused and Chloe kept on chasing her. Now they are best of friends, they sleep together when Chloe is not busy licking the cat's ears, neck and the backside! As for the cat, as she is lots older I think she tolerates Chloe and has adopted the Cav as a little sister, or even perhaps a daughter of her own and nudges Chloe frequently with her nose. When we are busy doing stuff in the kitchen or just watching TV, we noticed they the two either play with each other or just sit next to each other sunbathing. A couple of times I got home early from work I saw them both on the outdoor table, about an inch apart, just looking so bliss. Needless to say, when they are not napping, they go look for each other I'd say every ten minutes or so. Chloe is now just so slightly bigger than Salwa. As for chasing planes,birds etc, that's just how they are wired. Just having fun.

Margaret C
6th September 2011, 12:50 PM
My Son lives in Brighton & his little rescue dog ( not a cavalier ) chased a seagull into the sea & was then washed out to sea by a large wave.

Jeff waded in to rescue her forgetting that he had his iPhone in his hip pocket.

The little dog had no ill effects from the soaking, but unfortunately the same could not be said for the iPhone.