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Super Princess
5th September 2011, 07:58 PM
i went to buy something off a craigslist type site that i saw..i REALLY liked it...but i wont be able to use it for a year or two.
anyways..the treck there is long now that i have sold my car

it took 4 different bus's (lol) to get what i needed to do done..to the bank..then to this ladys house.

well i got to the house..and the item i wanted to purcahse was right there..and she was trying to explain it..but this little ball of puff came running at me...

it was a tri cavalier puppy..one that looked just liek my oliver(cavaliers in victoria are rare)...no white line on the head..and freckles on the nose..i was in LOVE BIG TIME!!!! i asked her where she got him..and she said oregon...that she didnt want to buy from ____ because she had heard such bad stories.. and i said 'yeah thats where we got our oliver from. we got into discussiong all the issues we'd had with our pups..very very simular issues. (allergies..etc) i wish i had been able to give them some advice but we never got to the bottom of olivers allergies although we went through many many different vets.
the 'puppy' which to me looked like a puppy..(size wise..was very small) was 4 years old..i couldnt belive it..oliver was HUGE compared to that.

i ended up buying the item of course..but it absolutly made my day to play with a 'baby' cavalier.

8th September 2011, 04:08 AM
Chelsea, you should have directed her here, so she could read and be supported by other Cavalier owns. I always worry when I hear allergies that somehow it might be SM....the scratching, etc.

I'm glad you had the opportunity to spend some time with a Cavalier. Seems your dream and now this are really confirming that Oliver is watching over you.