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8th September 2011, 01:34 PM
I know there are two national breed clubs and a lot of breeders are members of both. Without getting into the politics of that, I do wish there was only one national breed club rescue or they could combine it. I know lucky star is completely seperate, but i have heard there has been an increase in rescues.

Is this completely a stupid thought? I know one time I signed volunteer paperwork and thought it was for other one. Actually elton came from ackcsc rescue trust but I work more with volunteering and help with cavalier rescue usa. The regional coordinator is in charlotte and I am very close with her. (Actually transporting one soon).

I know they are both affiliated with the clubs but have to be seperate and have seperate tax id, etc.

Any thoughts? I've heard one will be in desperate need of fosters while other one isn't and vice/versa.

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8th September 2011, 05:29 PM
I can't see any advantage really in merging rescue operations, when the 2 clubs are entirely separate entities. Likewise there are thousands of independent rescues as well as all the rescues associated with not-for-profit organizations across the country, all operating on their own. National club rescue is really more of a conglomeration of individual regional rescues, not a national rescue, anyway. If one rescue has way too many volunteers, then there are always plenty of other places that would be happy for their energies. Sometimes –actually, almost all the time– people are just interested in being involved with their local group or their specific club.

If anyone is aware of a club needing fosters, and has permission to post a request for fosters, then they are more than welcome to do that here and, I am sure, to cross post across other lists/boards.

Petfinder also provides a huge national rescue infrastructure for homing dogs and any rescue can join and encourage people to volunteer to foster. It is really a matter of individual rescues getting organized and getting the word out and using the Internet and social networking to make people aware of their needs.

I know from running a rescue that probably the last thing anyone would want to do would be to merge 2 large sprawling national organizations with lots of regional smaller rescue subdivisions and then try to run it as one gigantic rescue–it is just totally unfeasible IMHO and not a very good use of resources. These kinds of things are better done at local level, with national oversight via the relevant clubs adding some support, visibility and a fundraising focus.

If you want to suggest that they merge, and have ideas about how they would feasibly do this and what benefits it would bring, I would suggest contacting them directly/getting involved with your regional club. :thmbsup:

I don't want any discussion of rescue politics here though as it isn't appropriate especially by people who aren't involved with the rescues. I would consider those internal organisational issues and not really something for a public debate or criticism, as rescue is difficult enough and these are really matters for their own internal discussion. In addition, this forum is for helping individual dogs find homes, and I'd like to keep the focus on that.

I'm closing this thread to further discussion but people are very welcome to take it off-line to PMs or e-mail or if you are in a region where there is a rescue needing help, please consider volunteering with one club or the other, or else one of the independent breed or general rescues. :)