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9th September 2011, 04:42 AM
I have an almost tricolor spaniel dog. Black, white, a touch of brown. She is ĺ cavalier, ľ cocker. Iíve had her since 8 weeks and now she is 2. My concern is her breathing pattern after activity. Here is her story, included some random facts about her life to hopefully make sense of the issue.

When I got her, I took her hiking immediately and she was able to do 5 miles/1200 ft hike with no problem.
At some point, she started getting a shortness of breath while getting exercise. Sheís like that on a one mile slow paced walk. We just did a one mile slow paced walk and she was breathing faster than my other two dogs on the hike and didnít catch her breath until 5 minutes in the house. When I do a 5 mile hike with her it can take her an hour to catch her breathe. She doesnít stop on the trails, although when I stop to give her water she lies on her stomach and drinks more than the other two dogs I have. Generally, she drinks much more than the other two.

She eats the same amount as my other similar sized dog, yet she seems to poop a whole lot less than the other! She has allergies like my other two dogs. I just started her on some medication. Her breathing pattern does not appear to have changed since the medication started. The medication seems to have helped the allergies slightly, if at all.

I took her to the doctor. Everything I said to him he said sounded like a thyroid issue. All the blood tests came back negative. He did think she was a tad overweight. She has a small build, and Iíve gotten her down from 16 to 15 pounds in two weeks by decreasing her food (Orijen) and increasing her daily walks. I think her weight is just average at this point, not overweight. Iíll probably get her to 14 pounds and let it stay at that range.

Does anyone else out there have an overexcited dog? Iíve had her heart checked by many doctors and no one can hear any murmur. One doctor felt fast breathe for an hour was normal, another said anything over a few minutes wasnít normal. I have a Ĺ cocker Ĺ cavalier the same age that gets excited walking and seeing people but doesnít experience any shortness of breathe

I want to keep exercising her but am unsure when Iím exercising versus over exerting her.

9th September 2011, 05:53 PM
Sorry I am a bit confused when you say you got the pup at 8 weeks and you took her immediately on a 5 mile hike. Are you saying you took a puppy at such young age on a 5 mile hike or is that a misunderstanding?

9th September 2011, 06:05 PM
If it were my dog, I would not walk her until she panted like that. Maybe she should see a cardiologist?

Kate H
9th September 2011, 08:33 PM
Cavaliers are of course prone to heart murmurs, but MVD isn't the only heart disease dogs can get. Like Alisha, I would suggest a visit to a cardiologist who could give your girl's heart a thorough going over. In his younger days my Oliver could walk 10 miles off-lead in the countryside and not even be panting at the end - panting on a normal walk is not normal, and heart is the obvious thing to look at.

Kate, Oliver (who usually gets 5-mile walks now he's 10, but still doesn't pant) and Aled

10th September 2011, 04:53 AM
Thanks, I'll check with a cardiologist...