View Full Version : Scary Walk - almost lost both dogs and OH

12th September 2011, 09:08 PM
OH has just got back from taking the dogs for their evening walk, and he looked really shaken. He was walking along the pavement next to a fairly large residential road which has traffic islands on alternate sides as a traffic calming measure, and a taxi driver took it into his mind to come the wrong side of the island, i.e. on the pavement, rather than wait for the car coming the other way to go past. OH heard the car behind him, and managed to leap onto a grassy area the other side of the pavement dragging the dogs with him. He noted it was a taxi, but not the licence plate unfortunately, otherwise I'd be talking to the police right now.
What is wrong with people? :mad::mad::mad: Luckily OH is quick thinking and the dogs were on short enough leads to be close to him so could be hauled out of the way, otherwise I could have been having a knock on the door to tell me OH and the dogs had all been injured or killed in an "accident". I'm fuming!!

Sorry for the rant, but needed to vent, and I don't think OH is up for listening at the moment. He's gone off to do some painting (he's in the middle of a landscape in acrylics at the moment.) That will hopefully calm his nerves a bit.

Karen and Ruby
12th September 2011, 09:17 PM
I'm not surprised you are fuming!!

I've been in situations like that a few times and it really shakes me up when it happens!

been at a Zebra crossing and cars slowed down to stopp so I've stepped out and then they've sped up again!! Nearly taking Ruby's head off. Then just a few weeks ago I was crossing the road outside my house which is just past a Mini round about so I sarted crossing when I saw a car stop to let someone go the other way and then as I reached the middle he drove OVER the round about nearly taking us all out- I had to sprint to get us all out of the way!!

Scum is the word I use for these sort of people!!!

But glad you are all ok!!!

13th September 2011, 04:24 AM
Oh goodness thank the Lord for his good reflexes! Does he have reflective tape in his walking jackets etc? Not that it helps with some crazy people.

Glad you are all home and safe.

13th September 2011, 05:24 PM
How scarey.
Glad your OH and doglets are all ok. There are some proper idiots out there:mad:

13th September 2011, 08:12 PM
Sometimes the way people drive really surprises me. Thank goodness everyone is ok.

13th September 2011, 11:04 PM
Oh my goodness! His heart must have jumped into his throat when that happened! I feel your anger, some people are just so inconsiderate!

14th September 2011, 01:54 AM
Oh my doG!!!! Yes it is good OH was a fast thinker.