View Full Version : Polly's vet check up today (with a few questions on arrhythmia's)

12th September 2011, 10:38 PM
So Polly had her wellness exam today and it went quite well. Her luxating patella is at a grade 2 and the vet really does not think surgery should be considered at this point. Especially since she is showing no discomfort, running normal, no limping, etc.

Back in November, she detected an arrhythmia and we were referred to a cardiologist. She clearly heard it as well, and so Polly had an Echo and an EKG. Nothing abnormal showed up. She was sent home with heart holter for 24 hour monitoring and the results came back 100% normal (yay)! A bit of a mystery really. The vet and cardio doctor confimed that it was not a sinus arrhythmia.

Today her vet could still hear it, although it was not as frequent. She timed her at every 15 beats compared to every 8 beats before. She said it was something like "lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub-dub" but she said that given the fact that all her results with the cardiologist came back normal and she doesn't seem to have any effects from it that she isn't too concerned. I've had Polly on a combo of CoQ10. vitamin E and Omega 3 for the past 10 months, so perhaps that is making a difference, and her vet said that it was a good idea. I'm also putting her back on hawthorn berry as it is known for having great results with arrhythmia's (I had her on it for a few months before but quit as I wasn't sure if she truly needed it since her results came back normal).

Any thoughts? Especially on the arrhythmia? I find it so odd that at her last vet visit almost a year ago both her vet, and her cardiologist heard it perfectly and yet as soon as she was hooked up to the monitors, like 10 mins later, nothing happened. And nothing unusual for an entire 24 hours on the holter. Then today I bring her in and her vet hears it. icon_nwunsure

13th September 2011, 07:09 PM
Interesting... to me it sounds like it is getting better, if it went from every 8 beats to every 15 in the course of a year. That is fantastic news! What are the risks of arrhythmias anyways, and difference in comparison to a murmur?

14th September 2011, 02:11 AM
I have no experience, but just wanted to say that I am glad everything is looking good, and thank you for the update.