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13th September 2011, 09:30 PM
I have had a really hard time finding Piper a vet who I like and trust. Today I went to a vet practice that is "holistic" and supposedly the best in town. I left the vet pretty angry! He tried to tell me that I was endangering Piper's health by feeding her a raw diet and that I was depriving her of vitamins and minerals and also increasing her risk for E-coli. Next he decided that I was uninformed about my dog's possible genetic issues and when I informed him that those issues prevented me from getting a cavalier for years before I found the right breeder - he rolled his eyes. He also told me that MRI scanning dogs for SM was a useless procedure. And finally when I told him that I was going to have 1800 pet meds contact them so I could get Piper some Interceptor he told me that they send out expired medicine and that he has had dogs come in testing positive for heart worms because of 1-800 pet meds. Just ridiculous all around! I was pretty mad when I left.

13th September 2011, 10:00 PM
Wow! That is a bad-news vet. I've never heard of a truly holistic vet say things like that.

13th September 2011, 10:24 PM
Raw diets do have a lot of controversy. It is just one of those things where people have their opinions, and they are solid. I also suppose a vet could say an MRI for SM is a useless procedure because there is no "cure"....I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Sorry you are having a tough time finding a vet, I would have been pretty upset myself.

A vet I took my rescue puppy told me I was wasting money buying holistic foods and said commercial dog foods are just fine. The funny thing is that I have seen with my own eyes the difference it makes in a dogs skin, coat, poop size, and smell when switching them to a better diet. It made me a little mad being told I was wasting money...

14th September 2011, 12:49 AM
Wow!! That's awful! I'd be ticked. I've never met a holistic vet who is against a raw diet. I know quite a few actually and they all highly recommend it. Are you making your own food or buying it premade? I understand vets apprehension of homemade diets, as some people do not add the right ingredients and amounts to make sure it is balanced. It sounds like he is just so uninformed about many things! I guess your search continues...What a disgrace!

14th September 2011, 01:02 AM
That sounds like a pretty rude vet -- opinions are one thing but being so dismissive of a client is pretty obnoxious and I'd go elsewhere.

I do know of some holistic vets who are against feeding raw bones as they believe them to be risky -- from experience. I don't think that a holistic vet is necessarily de facto pro raw diets -- and they do remain controversial for a lot of people -- but most do seem to be pro raw. But then 'raw' is a pretty broad term too -- there are home raw diets, commercial raw diets, raw diets based around meaty bones -- I do think a lot of people who do their own raw, feed nutritionally substandard diets because they don't know much about canine diets/nutrition and also, may feed supplements etc which might work against the diet and vice versa. Monica Segal is good on all this for anyone interested in home (or commercial) approaches to diets and nutrition.

Personally I don't care for holistic vets (or doctors) but to each his or her own! Regardless of treatment philosophy I'd just avoid that particular vet. None of mine have ever been so dismissive of any concern or query I have had much less rolled eyes! :eek:

14th September 2011, 05:28 AM
I told him that I feed her Ziwipeak and I don't think he was familiar with it. I told him it was not a homemade type deal. He actually recommended to me that I make Piper food at home. He said that meat was OK but that it should be fully cooked and served with vegetables. I simply don't agree with this. I won't be back to this vet. I'm actually about to travel 5 hours to get her spayed by my breeder's vet. I can't stand any of the vets in my area!

14th September 2011, 10:04 AM
To Zumie05, I can say nothing but to agree with your finding. Our Chloe has been on RAW diet and she has thrived. When she was on Royal Canin she was very healthy too, but there are just so many improvements like you mentioned with her on RAW diet. My 9-yr old cat has been on Iams/Eukanuba/Royal Canin etc since she was a kitten and she has been very healthy too. I don't think factory food is bad altogether, it is just that other options (RAW, home-made etc) have their own pluses. My vet on the other hand encouraged us to go with RAW, so long as the dog is happy and healthy. It is common sense + science. Sorry to hear about your vet - I'd say just take your business somewhere else. A bad listener does not make a good vet!