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14th September 2011, 12:56 PM
My name is Raquel. I am in the process of obtaining a cavalier from my boss. She got "Lady" mostly as a small dog for her kids. She personally, however, is not a fan of dogs so in the meantime her sister has her. I live in northeastern PA and last week we experienced severe flooding over a few days. During these few days, the sister left poor Lady at her house by herself. This concerned my boss, obviously, and she contacted me to find out if I would be interested in having her. I said ofcourse! So now it is just a matter of them getting her to me.. and also convincing my husband that it will be ok. My only concern, which I expressed to her, is how her and our male cat will get along. We just had an issue with him and a female cat who we had to rehome. She was bullying him. She did say Lady has never been around cats so I'm hoping everything will be ok. I have done a little research on cavaliers and found they get along well with other animals. Anyone have any advice on how to transition them to each other? Also, any other "bad" things I should know about cavaliers? I have read lots of good things about them and I am excited to welcome her into our home!