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19th September 2011, 12:55 PM
Warley Woods, Bearwood, Birmingham
Cross posted by request:

> It has just been brought to our attention that at least 6 dogs are being
> treated for serious gastric problems, common factor is they are all walked
> in this area. Please if you use this area and your dog presents symptoms
> such as sickness and diarrhea please seek veterinary advice quickly. We
> will
> bring you updates as and when we can.
> K9 Search UK
> Contact 07988 433187
> http://www.k9searchuk.com/

As I live in the Birmingham area I checked this out with K9 Search as soon as I read the e-mail. It is genuine. The common factors linking all six dogs who have gone down with the problem is that they are all walked in Warley Woods. The cause of the outbreak might be attributed to the local Council spraying the area to control weeds, somebody laying down poison or of course the start of the poisonous mushroom (toadstool) season.

This is a timely warning wherever you live. Apparently the toadstools are particularly attractive to dogs, so it might be as well for everyone walking their dogs in fungal attracting areas to discourage their dogs from eating anything lying or growing on the ground.

Brian M
19th September 2011, 02:44 PM
Hello Flo

The Queen is having problems at Sandringham.


Kate H
19th September 2011, 08:13 PM
Sounds as if it could be the woodland problem that the AHT is investigating - their latest bulletin says the main outbreaks are in Norfolk and Nottingham but it could occur anywhere and we all need to be vigilant.

Shame, as our Cavaliers do love woods!

Kate, Oliver and Aled