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20th September 2011, 03:14 AM
Hi there. My pup Piper is getting spayed next Friday. I am very anxious about the procedure and I am actually traveling 5 hours north to Pennsylvania so my breeder's vet can perform the surgery because I do not care for any of the vets in my area. Anyways, I was just wondering what I should expect after the surgery? What is normal and what isn't from your guys' experience?

20th September 2011, 05:43 AM
Hi there,
It is great to ask these questions, because for me...I was a first time dog (even pet!) owner and everything scared me about it because I never knew what was "normal". My sweet vet's team of amazing nurses were so patient with me calling every hour and asking "is this normal"?! Ha. Everything was always normal when I called, I was just so unprepared of what it would be/feel like.

Well, what I was surprised the most about was how quickly Brooklyn wanted to get back to normal activity! We had to keep her calm and quiet. Don't let her jump up (on you, couch, anything) to prevent scar tissue from forming or irritating the wound. The first few days were hard for Brooklyn, she was just a sad whimpering little thing. Make sure the vet gives you pain meds and a back up plan in case she needs something stronger (probably won't, but since this vet is so far away, best to cover all options). We had to end up giving Brooklyn stronger meds for a few days to help with the pain, but she had some tiny complications so that is why. But always good to be safe.

Brooklyn also did not want to eat a thing for a few days or walk to her water bowl. So, to keep nutrients in her, I boiled chicken, scrambled eggs and cooked plain rice and just fed her that little tiny bits (don't want to feed too much the first day or two) at a time throughout the day. I also put her water in a tiny dish and remembered to keep bringing it to her that first day or two before she wanted to move around again. They need to keep their fluids up, but that first day home, she will probably not want to move much, so just bring it to her.

Also, it will be emotional for you (it is hard to see these babies go through any surgery), but remember to keep your energy in check...if you feel confident and strong, Piper will be much more okay and fine with what is going on. It is when we break down and worry that they think "hey, maybe something is wrong". But they are SO resilient and this is such a common surgery, so while it is emotional for us (I know it was for me!), we need to stay confident and normal for our pups to feel secure and okay :)

Oh, and Brooklyn got the shivers/shakes a bit after her desexing, the vet said it was totally normal after a surgery (over 2 days though, it is not normal) and just to pop a fleece coat/sweater on her. So we kept a fleece coat on her for about a week afterwards which helped.

And as always, since this vet is far away, just have some numbers and locations of vets in the area and any 24 hour vets in the area just in case. Even if you never use these, we should all have our closest vet, closest emergency hospital and closest after hours vet in a place we can easily get to and remember. There is no time for Google in an emergency!! Brooklyn goes to a vet that is a little further away because I just love their practice so much, but in case of a quick acting emergency, I know all my options, day or night :thmbsup:

The first night is hard, she will whine and be pretty confused about what has just happened. But get through it because the second night is much better...I promise! Give her some warm blankets and a nice dark place to rest and she will get through. Good luck!! :)

21st September 2011, 06:45 AM
Thanks for starting this post, eg93! And for replying with such helpful info, BrooklynMom! My pup is also getting spayed this week and I was wondering the same thing! Since my Rigby has had some issues we did a full blood panel earlier this week to make sure her liver and kidney functions were ok (since the anesthetic is processed through those organs and she takes medication that can compromise both). She's been under anesthetic once before and was a little champ, so I am hoping for a similar occurrence this time around. Also, the vet mentioned that for a small extra fee we can have an IV fluid set up and something to monitor blood pressure during the surgery. I think she said that this helps them heal faster, but to me it seems like something they should always do anyway?? Maybe something to ask about. She also mentioned a pain medication that would be safe for my pup which she said will likely be necessary and of course the dreaded cone! At least there is no snow yet for her to scoop up in there!

And to hijack your thread a bit more, has anyone got micro chipping done with a spay? Is it necessary if your dog already has a tattoo?

And of course, good luck to you and Piper!

22nd September 2011, 02:14 AM
Thanks so much for all the great information BrooklynMom! I am very nervous and I am sure I will be emotional but I will try to keep it in check for Piper's sake. I know she can sense how I'm feeling. What kind of complications did Brooklyn have? Also, I will make sure to find the location of 24 hour emergency vet in case something goes wrong. We'll be staying in a hotel in a big city so I'm sure there will be one nearby.

Eleanor - don't worry about "hijacking" my thread! You had some good questions as well. I'm actually getting Piper microchipped at the same time as her spay so I think it is just fine.

25th September 2011, 01:19 AM
It's day 1 after Rigby's spay and I am more exhausted than she is! I spent most of the night waking up to check that she was comfortable and she spent most of it sleeping (except when I accidentally woke her up while checking). We passed on the microchip as we aren't planning to leave the country with her anytime soon and she now has 2 identity tattoos that should be good for now. The hardest part so far is keeping her from jumping and running. She is a bit sleepy for sure, but the pain medicine is working and she has barely complained. Mostly she wanders around looking bored and has tried everything to get us to play. It's going to be a long week with no hide and seek or walks!

25th September 2011, 01:58 AM
That is great to hear that Rigby is doing well :) Yes, I know that feeling...being up all night, but only because out brains do it to ourselves!! Meanwhile, they are happy as can be, ha.

Last night was like that for me, Brookylyn refused to do her nighttime pee because it was raining so hard, so after a long attempt, I just took her to her crate any way figuring she would wake me if she really had to go and some point. However, I spent all night waking up and worrying that she would pee in her crate! Well, I finally (very sleep deprived) just got up at 7 am to let her out thinking that she would have either gone in the night or would be busting to go, but when I got there she was sound asleep still! She looked at me like I was crazy and laid in her crate a while longer with the door open, then around 7:30 finally got up and went to pee. To my amazement, she did not pee in her crate at all nor was she even in a rush to go in the morning. She had held it from 5 pm until 7:30 am the next day!!!! Ha. Here I was, worrying and up all night, but Brooky was just fine! I have to trust that she will tell me if she is not :rolleyes: I guess "wet paws" are worth holding your pee for!

1st October 2011, 09:52 PM
Piper had her surgery yesterday. They said she had some trouble afterwards with throwing up and diarrhea. She was fine when I picked her up though.....just very groggy and a little confused. She slept literally all day yesterday. Today has been a different story. It has been a real struggle to keep her quiet. On top of it she has fleas so we had to take her to the vet to get a prescription for Comfortis. I have tried to carry her up and down off the couch and bed but she has jumped up and down a few times before I could pick her up. I cringe every time she does that! I will probably be making her spend some time in the crate here shortly. She acts like nothing happened to her. I did not expect that. Her incision is so small because they used glue and stitched her up internally so there is really nothing for her to lick or bite at. I am very happy with the job that the vet did. Thanks for the great advice BrooklynMom! :)

2nd October 2011, 07:39 PM
Glad to hear she is doing well now! We had the same thing over here - the day after Rigby wanted to do everything she usually does. We eventually hid all of the toys, had some timeouts in the crate when she got too rowdy and put pillows and blankets around the couch and bed to make it less of a jump up and down (we also tried to lift her up and down, but she is lil and fast and we couldn't catch them all!). I wish we had the glue instead of stitches. We have to head back this week to get them removed. She hasn't licked at them, but they look a bit rough and there is some dried blood that the vet told us not to clean off. I know there is always a chance of tearing a stitch but it seems like they are a bit more resilient than we think!

And BrooklynMom, I love that story! Rigby won't pee when it's raining either (and it rains here constantly in the fall/winter!). It may be time for a raincoat and some lil booties!

3rd October 2011, 05:00 AM
Sounds exactly like Piper. The only complication from the surgery so far is that she has developed a seroma near the incision. Basically it is just fluid that has gathered around the incision and her skin is a little saggy there but firm to the touch. The vet looked at it and told me that they are harmless and the fluid usually absorbs back into the body but sometimes it has to be drained. Hopefully the issue will resolve its self.