View Full Version : Have you been shopping for your Cavaliers recently?

20th September 2011, 02:10 PM
If so, and you have their older items still, perhaps you would think about donating them to a rescue? They would be extremely grateful and it's nice to think that some poor dog in need could benefit.

Rescues are so grateful for many, many things - not just money.

Collars and leads
Blankets, beds and bedding
Treats and food
Grooming stuff
Flea and worming treatments
Poo bags
Cleaning materials
Air fresheners
Postal orders
Postage stamps
Pens and pencils

Anything still usable - something to think about with Christmas coming up...we often treat our precious ones to something new, and their old stuff could easily be passed on to someone who would benefit. Also remember that Rescues can sometimes sell things on in their shops and/or online auctions too.

Karen and Ruby
20th September 2011, 08:11 PM
Thanks for posting this Nicki as Its something very dear to my heart.

Every year I put a box of stuff together for a little Rescue Centre called Last chance as they really do struggle and as well as giving them stuff I don't use myself anymore I buy a big sack of food for them too.

They are so grateful for anything they can get and it certainly brings me down to earth with a bang when I walk round the grounds every year!

Makes me realise how lucky and spoit my two are!

22nd September 2011, 10:44 AM
Yes, thank you Nicki.
I have lots of old dog stuff that is just sitting downstairs. I should donate it!

I never thought of that, and now i feel bad. I donate our old towels and blankets every now and then.
And asked for dog food and dog toys for my birthday one year instead of presents.
They were so happy with my donations that they even let me choose which dogs to give toys to!

I went back the next day with more for the dogs that missed out because i felt bad for them all.

22nd September 2011, 08:08 PM
And asked for dog food and dog toys for my birthday one year instead of presents.

OH what a lovely thing to do!! How kind - and it was so sweet of you to go back the next day with more stuff :thmbsup:

22nd September 2011, 09:55 PM
People thought i was insane!

Person: "What do you want for your birthday?"
me: "Dog food please. Nothing else, just lots of dogfood!"

I had to explain myself quite a lot! But it was worth it.

hehe, i am such a softy. I couldn't give half the dogs toys and not the others!
I could just feel them getting sad!

22nd September 2011, 11:33 PM
Denali, that is such a great idea! I am going to copy you :) My birthday is in December so I will do that!

I actually work at a shelter here in Sydney, and I have to say that these donations mean more than you could ever imagine. Here, the shelter (one of the biggest in Oz) only gets 2% government funding. That is only enough money to keep TWO animal transport people on the road a year. Whoa. Everything we do relies on the donations, fundraising and gifting by lovely people like you out there. There are so many dogs, tons of cats and even a few birds and bunnies...all need food, warmth and love. Even if you cannot donate right now or have no old things to give, maybe you could donate one Saturday to just going to your local shelter and giving the animals some love, cuddles, walks and your time. That if a gift beyond anything that they could ever ask for.

So many of these guys have had such hard lives. Yesterday a dog we adopted out 2 days ago (named Minnie because she is SO tiny and cute!) was brought her back "because she hid under the bed and pooped in the hallway". Sigh. We do extensive interviews, but you still cannot control what a person can tolerate (this woman had none clearly), but still, here is the sweetest (one of my absolute favorites) dogs that just wants to be loved. I spend the day cuddling with her yesterday. She is not shy with me. She is so happy at the shelter. So maybe it was the person, but moral of the story is that all these dogs just want someone to love them, walk them, pet them, teach them. That is a donation too!!

Also, every minute you spend with an animal at a shelter helps to socialize it, trust in humans again, keep it calm and loving and make it happy. The better they are in all these categories, the quicker they get adopted, now THAT is a gift!! Sometimes I just spend a whole afternoon touching a dog or trying to get it to trust me enough to even make eye contact with me. It is hard, but people and volunteers help make that process even better by their kind nature and support...so try to donate some time, the shelters would love to have you!!!!

23rd September 2011, 10:21 AM
Thank you so much for posting this, it's wonderful to hear how much difference just one person can make - it sounds as if you enjoy it just as much as the shelter dogs which is lovely to hear.

Truly an inspirational story and a good start to the morning.

23rd September 2011, 01:41 PM
No thanks needed! But thank you for saying so :)
In all actuality, the shelter dogs teach me so much, give me so much healing and so much humbling. They don't care if I forgot to put on mascara, they don't care if I am grumpy, they dont care if I am in pain that day or I'm emotional....they are just so happy to see me. Hands down, full on tail wags. They are selfless, bold, kind and loving. They just want a hug too...sometimes ad much as me on some days :)

It has been one of my greatest life experiences, taught me so much...we could all learn a thing or two from a shelter dog :)

Maybe I will post some pics next week! :) Brooklyn always looks at me like I just had the worst affair when I come home!! Her face is classic. But is always makes me love her more. I'm so lucky she is in my home, safe and happy.