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21st September 2011, 07:12 AM

Okay...so as you guys know from pics, Brooky is mostly white. And I am having a sort of issue...the adult long hair has gotten pretty long between her bum and where she pees (sorry, there is no lady like way about this thread!)...and I am noticing that hair there is turning a bit yellow and smelling like pee (ewww). I was bathing her every 2 weeks, but now I am every 4 weeks, and it is that 3rd week that I start to notice it if I get up close.

Any help with this? Does anyone else have this problem? When she gets groomed she gets trimmed around the bum, but not lower. It is like the feathers that are the longer ones from the bum down her back legs and continue under her.
This is obviously a vain question, but I am wondering if I should trim these feathers back? I am just not sure what you guys do and I have never had to think about it before because they have finally just grown out! :) It is really just the pee scent that is getting me icon_blshing

21st September 2011, 09:46 AM
We used to have this problem with our old boy Anzac. He was a tricolour and had a white belly, and the long hair used to hang... well, you can guess what happened!We talked to the breeder about this, and they used to just wash their bellies every few days. Not the whole dog, just the bit covered in pee. So thats what we did. However i was just thinking then, and i am guessing you don't want to do this (wash her every second day) , so i have a few ideas that i just had then that could help.Becuase i do understand about your not wanting to trim her skirt :) You could just get a box of baby wipes, or even the ones meant for dogs, but i think they're the same, and just wipe her skirt before she goes to bed.The other thing is, could you coat that area in vaseline or pawpaw ointment so that the pee just slides off?I do apologise for being so unlady like! But like you said before, there is no other way to put it icon_blshing

21st September 2011, 10:20 AM
Thanks so much for your response Denali! A little rinse off might be what we need to do because nothing seems to really work. I am going to try your advice with baby wipes. I have used them on and off before and they work great for the dirt, not for the pee, but it might work if I try more regularly.

Good idea about the paw paw too...only, it is not really her skin, it is the fur/feathers that are holding the smell and getting a little discolored. Hummm, I hope I don't have to trim that area, I love her feathers!! Maybe I just need to trim a bit more from the inside though, you probably wouldn't be able to tell when she is standing.

So funny, all I talk about is pee and poo now that I have a dog! icon_blshing

21st September 2011, 12:32 PM
I would keep that area trimmed short, it's not going to show from the outside. I trim around the vulva and keep the hair in that area trimmed too, for hygiene reasons. Also with boys, trim the hair at the end of the penis - otherwise they tend to come indoors with drops of pee on the hair which isn't very pleasant.

Ours usually have a "top and tail" once a week, in the sink - feet, bottom of the ears, around the genital area - and of course Tommy has his "skirts" done too. In between I rub him down with a damp baby wipe - although if he's been in damp long grass or in the pools on the beach that does the job for me!!

A full bath should only really be every 3 months or so unless they've rolled in something disgusting, their coats are not meant to be bathed continuously and it can dry both the skin and the coat.

21st September 2011, 12:42 PM
Oh thank you Nicki...SO helpful!!! Brooklyn heads to the groomer next week, is there something specific I should tell her in grooming terms about what to trim "down there" or just show her? She doesn't go to the groomer often, but often enough that they should be able to keep up with it just fine.

I like your mini wash idea (feet, ear tip, under area). I guess I always thought "if I get her wet, might as well wash her" but just the mini wash would suit fine as that is really what I am always trying to clean! Do you use soap or just water when doing that? I will try that and to wash her much less...her main body never gets that stinky anyway. We also just bought her a lifejacket for summer sk hopefully she will get in the water soon!

I love this forum...there is always an answer in here somewhere! :)

21st September 2011, 11:54 PM
I also do what Nicki does, have Coco shaved around her vulva. I also have the hair around her anus shaved a bit too, and the hair underneath it I leave long. This way it doesn't even look like she has shaved hair and it helps keep her smelling and staying cleaner. I say cleaner, because sometimes I do still smell a little urine odor on the feathers I keep long, which I just wash off with a damp cloth in between baths. Really I only have to do this every 2 weeks, not like its every day. This works well for us!

22nd September 2011, 02:08 AM
I don't really have any new advise, as I kind if do what the others do. I trim a bit in the inside area (and trust me I hate trimming Claires hair because she doesn't have the thickest fur), and wash the area only when I notice a smell.