View Full Version : Bentley, the Destroyer

29th September 2011, 11:25 PM
Let's see now.....I wonder how much this little darling has cost us since January when we first fell in love with him: The last thing, as far as I know, was two nights ago when he chewed the power cord of my laptop. Replacement cost? $64, including tax. He is 10 months old and had paid no attention to that cord, draped across the arm of my recliner and on the floor over to the wall, since about a week after we got him. At that time he made a few little tooth dents in the black covering, I scolded him fairly firmly, and he had ignored it ever since. The young man at the electronics store said Bentley must've received quite a shock but I don't think he did. There was no reaction at all. I almost wish he had been "bit" just a little so it would be a deterrent. (or not!) From now on the power cord will not be within reach!

30th September 2011, 12:04 AM
It's funny how something they really had no interest in, will suddenly draw them.

Well, glad he really was okay.......and hopefully he outgrows the desire to chew things. I use to use bitter apple with my last dog. Deters them from chewing in things because of the bitter taste.

30th September 2011, 12:29 AM
Ugh I feel your pain. Sonny chewed our computer power cord too and it cost 90 dollars to replace!!!! The joys of puppy hood!!!! :sl*p:

30th September 2011, 03:49 AM
Bitter apple has not seemed to deter Bentley from his mission to chew everything in sight. I paid $13 for a bottle, he shivered a little when he got a taste of it the first time, but apparently it quickly evaporates or something. It just had no lasting effect at all. I had not tried it on the cord because he was not interested in it at that time. I will be charging my laptop on the countertop from now on!

30th September 2011, 04:10 AM
Just a good reminder to always pay extra attention to these guys as the reach adolescences! The things that were once something to walk right past...suddenly become as interesting as a new bone!

Bitter apple does not work for Brooklyn either, so I use Tabasco (where I can and it won't hurt furniture like cords, etc). It works WONDERS! And will last ages. Yes, it is hot on their tongue, but I will promise you they will only touch that cord once.

A few months back we were at our friends farm and Brooklyn kept trying to get to the sheep, we kept telling her no, and she listened. Well, one time she bolted to go after one and she would not listen to our calls to come back...what happened next? ZAP! her nose got the electric fence! She bolted right back to my side and sat down so straight and a bit freaked out I might add! I felt SO horrible, I got so upset, but our friend assured that the electric current was set on the lowest possible setting (he even went and touched it to show how light it was), but is was just enough of a tiny shock that Brooklyn left those sheep alone for the rest of the weekend that is for sure! Even when they let the sheep out of the paddock to wander near the house Brooky kept away. In her mind sheep=shock. So maybe Bentley will leave computer cords alone from now on! (though I hope he did not get shocked) :)